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Western Filigree Band Ring

(MSRG61498) Western Filigree Band Ring
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Western Filigree Band Ring

This popular western filigree ring is made from .925 Sterling Silver. It is protected with rhodium plating which not only adds a beautiful bright shiny look, but will help prevent the sterling from tarnishing and is hypoallergenic. It can be easily restored to their former glory by using warm water with a mild soap. If you wear your jewelry often, eventually the rhodium plating will wear off and oxidation of the sterling silver will begin. It will first show as a glow combined with darkened areas. This is called a patina. If you like this look, leave it alone! Polishing will remove it. If you prefer that your sterling silver rings remain bright and shiny, then some type of polishing will be necessary using soft polishing cloths designed especially for sterling silver. Silver polishes, paste and specially formulated silver dips are NOT suggested as some may trigger a chemical reaction with the remaining rhodium plate. Can not be sized.

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(MSRG61498) Western Filigree Band Ring(MSRG61498) Western Filigree Band Ring