Belt Buckles

Belt buckles do more than add some bling to your belt. They can represent a lot of things and can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and even colors. From trophy buckles to humorous buckles to even buckles with landscapes on them, there are so many available options for you or a loved one. You are sure to find the most beautiful belt buckle that is perfect for you.

Trophy Buckles

In the rodeo, belt buckles are common trophies for winning various events. Events like bull riding, calf roping, barrel racing, mutton bustin’, and even livestock showing can be represented. Many of the buckles are classic silver or gold, with banners for dates, names, or the event for which the belt buckle was received. The Calf roper (1) belt buckle has a lot of space on it to customize it for a rodeo event or as a personal gift. The gold banners and the gold calf roper really pop against the silver background. The belt buckles even allow you to show a team sport, such as team roping (2), with the team and banners displayed in gold. They are not only for solitary events – represent the team events too!

You do not always have to customize your belt buckle. The bull rider buckle (3) is a good example of the trophy belts you can get without customizing them. You still earn the trophy buckle and the image on it clearly states what it was for. They are more simple yet still very obvious as to what they represent. These belt buckles are not only for teens or adults, they can be awarded to children too. Mutton bustin (4) can be a fun activity for children to participate in and for the adults to watch. Present the winner with a belt buckle for them to have and be proud of.   

Belt buckles are very common for trophies, especially throughout the rodeo. Find the perfect one for yourself or a loved one, either customizable or not. Don’t forget about the kiddies too, as mutton bustin is also represented among the different kinds of buckles available.

Humorous Buckles

Belt buckles do not only have to be for trophies, they can be for fun as well. There are so many fun options to choose from, you might not be able to pick just one. The guns belt buckle (5) challenges anyone who tries to take your guns away. While the 'pistol packin mama' buckle (6) makes people think twice before messing with you or your family. They both have beautiful realistic details on them and they are easy to read from a good distance. Both belt buckles take a humorous approach to the 2nd Amendment.

If you have a slight obsession with Duck Dynasty, the Duckaholics Anonymous buckle (7) might just be for you. This belt buckle, and many others, shows your love for the Duck Commander. Show off a well known phrase with the Git-r-done buckle (8). Everyone knows and loves this phrase and the guy who said it, so wear it proud and give everyone who sees it a laugh.

Western Landscapes & Symbols

Even though belt buckles don’t seem like big surfaces, you can actually get a lot of detail into them. Aside from trophy and humorous belt buckles, you can find a lot of unique ones with life-like landscape and various Western symbols. The Arrowhead Chief (9) is a unique buckle, as it is not the traditional shape that most belt buckles are. It is the shape of an arrowhead and it even has the texture of one, with the head of a Chief. The details of both the arrowhead and the Chief are very lifelike, making this belt buckle truly unique and one-of-a-kind. The "End of Trail" buckle (10) is another well-done piece, with beautifully done mountains in the background behind the man on his horse. The silver does not run together but instead, is carved intricately to show all the different details.  

The elk buckle (11) does not skip on any details. This belt buckle really shows the beauty of this gorgeous creature in its mountainous habitat. You can see every detail of the mountains and the tall trees it lives in. The elk itself is gold so it really pops out at you but it also draws your attention to the gorgeous background. The eagle buckle (12) is another one that seems to pop out at you. The gold eagle seems to fly off the buckle, through the intricately made mountains and golden frame. It almost seems like a work of art you can wear daily.

Belt buckles are for more than just trophies and laughs, you can admire the beautiful details and images that come to life. They are works of art that you can show off daily.

Find Your Belt Buckle

Whether it is for you or a loved one, you can find the perfect belt buckle for any occasion. Whether it is a trophy buckle, something to make you laugh, or just a beautifully done, detailed image on a belt buckle, you are sure to find the right one. They do not always come in one shape or size and they are not all the same, they can be customized to fit you or they can be shaped uniquely to fit the design they have. Belt buckles are smaller accessories but, they can be bold and make a statement.