Bring the Wild West to Any Space

Big or Small

You can bring the Wild West to any space, from a large, open home to a small apartment. From large pieces to smaller accessories, you can decorate any space with a variety of Western pieces. The Wild West is wild, free, and bold but it can be captured in small spaces; it also does not require multiple pieces to make a statement. With the right pieces, you can bring the Wild West to any space, small or large.

Large Spaces

When you have lots of wall space, there are so many things you can do with it. From crosses to wall signs to metal pieces, the options are endless. With larger pieces, you do not need a lot of items. Instead of having multiple small pieces throughout your wall, try a couple large pieces. They will still take up as much space but provide more beautiful details to look at. Metal pieces like a Western wagon wheel (1), a cow skull (2), and stars (3) are large pieces that are perfect wall décor items. They come in a variety of Western symbols and have so much detail put into them.

Crosses are another common and popular Western symbol to display. Antler crosses (4), metal crosses (5), and wooden crosses (6) represent your faith in a variety of creative ways. Some display other Western symbols, like cowboys, horses, and barbed wire, all while including beautiful and accurate details. These large pieces can be front and center of the large walls you have or they can be accented pieces. The beautiful colors, details, and themes are sure to take up the necessary space, all while adding to the Western theme you are creating.

Wall signs (7) are another large item that you can place on your walls to bring the Wild West into any space. With various designs, themes, and Western symbols, you can find the perfect sign for your Western space. Humorous signs are great for others to enjoy and start conversations, while inspirational ones provide daily reminders for you and anyone else who sees them. These large décor pieces are perfect for a lot of wall space. They are beautiful pieces to look at, with amazing details and colors – they truly help to bring the Wild West to your space.

Another item perfect for large spaces is a rug. Rugs help to reduce the echoes in large spaces as well as provide beautiful, detailed pieces to place throughout your home. When you have a lot of room, a large rug can be the perfect item to place within it. Bring the wildlife into your home with various designs of deer (8), bears (9), and bald eagles (10). They capture the realness of these creatures in the wild, with beautiful and accurate details.

There are also large rugs that contain beautiful Western symbols. Stars (11), cowboys (12), and horses (13) can come to life in your living room. You can surely bring the Wild West to any space with these large, beautiful rugs. From large wall décor pieces to large rugs, you are sure to bring the West into your home. With so much detail, you will be getting the beauty and the likeness of the Wild West and various Western symbols.

Small Spaces

The Wild West can even be brought into small spaces, like apartments. Yes, it is bold, wild, and free but it can be displayed as such in smaller items like pillows, bedding, and even bathroom accessories. You will not be cut short of anything the West has to offer.

The various designs throughout the "Old West" bedding (14) contains the beautiful colors the Wild West has. The beautiful dark, chocolate brown of the western bedding (15), combined with the cow hide, is sure to bring the beauty of the West into your bedroom. With these various bed sets, you can combine beautiful pillows with them as well and expand the Western theme you are trying to bring into your bedroom.

Solid pillows (16) can match with patterned bedding, adding some more color to your Western space. You can also place a southwestern pillow (17) on a couch, which can add beautiful colors and designs to it. Pillows with cowgirls (18), boots (19), and other Western symbols are sure to be small yet bold pieces for your Western space. Small decorative pillows are perfect for your living room couch and your Western bedding in the bedrooms.

Your bathroom does not have to look like many others. They do not have to have standard items, flooring, and other features. Spice up your own bathroom or the guest bathroom with the Wild West. Add a Western mirror (20) to your bathroom, with various designs to choose from, all with beautiful details and colors. Bath sets (21) are perfect because you know the small things throughout your bathroom will match. Various bright and beautiful bathroom towels (22) are another perfect yet small accessory to add to your bathroom. With beautiful colors and various Western symbols, you can say so much with so little. Other accessories like a toilet paper holder (23), shower curtains (24), and tissue box holders (25) are also perfect smaller items to bring to your bathroom.

Bring the Wild West to your bathroom with a variety of small yet unique items. There are so many small items you can choose from to add to your home that represents the Wild West. With beautiful colors and designs, you can bring the Wild West to any space.

Find What Your Space Needs

Whether you have a large home or a small apartment, you can bring the Wild West to any space. With large wall décor, area rugs, bedding, and even bathroom accessories, there is a lot to choose from. The various colors, designs, and Western symbols are bright, beautiful, and bold, sure to bring the West to any part of your home.