Code of the Cowboy

The Cowboy Code is a code of ethics that states how a cowboy lives their day to day life. It guides how they work, interact with other cowboys, and how they treat their livestock and horses. The Code has evolved over time, fitting every cowboy in every situation. There is no list you can find that will be more correct than another. Check out some of the codes that are the most common around the cowboys of then and now.


Common Cowboy Codes

1. Take care of your horse

    A cowboy’s horse is very important to day to day life. If the horse is not healthy, then how does the cowboy round up livestock? No matter how the day went, a cowboy must always make sure his horse is cared for.

    2. Never go back on your word

      As a cowboy, your word is very important. When you give someone your word, you must always follow through. When someone is depending on you, you cannot go back on your word and leave them without help. You must always be honest and true to your word, no matter who you give it to.

      3. Take pride in your work

        Cowboys work hard everyday and when they take pride in their work, they can do a great job every single time. If others can see how much pride a cowboy has for his work, they will know he is a trustworthy man if they need his help. When a cowboy does a good job, he knows that the fence will stay fixed, the livestock is all taken care of, or that the neighbor will not have to worry about their crops dying.

        4. Always tell the truth

          When a cowboy is always honest, then he is trustworthy to those he associates with. If there is ever a problem, you can trust he will be upfront about it to find a solution. If another fellow cowboy needs help, he will trust him to be honest about whether or not he can. Being truthful also earns a cowboy respect from his friends, other cowboys, and potentially his enemies.

          5. Be helpful when someone is in trouble

            Show other cowboys that you are always willing to help, no matter the circumstances. Ohers will see that they can count on you if a problem arises. Your willingness to help when there is a problem shows that you are selfless and also not afraid of a little work.

            Cowboy Code Evolution

            The Code of the Cowboy is not set in stone, it has changed over time and may continue to do so. Certain codes can be seen throughout many different variations. The codes we have listed here are not ranked in any way, we have just listed the few we have seen that can still be found in different variations of the Code. No Code of the Cowboy is incorrect, and we enjoy seeing how it has evolved over time and how it continues to do so.