Cool Down with Ceiling Fans

With rising temperatures comes finding every possible way to keep cool. Fans can be incredibly beneficial in living rooms or bedrooms. For your Western space, find the perfect Western ceiling fan. There are so many fun and creative Western designs to choose from that are sure to brighten up any room, as well as cool down the space.

Fans & Chandeliers

A regular ceiling fan is great but when you have ceiling fan + a chandelier then you have something beautiful and just amazing. The wagon wheel chandelier and ceiling fan is a beautiful piece, with a large wagon wheel supporting various lanterns. The lanterns have been converted to electric from oil ones and the wagon wheel is made of real hickory wood. Also attached to the wagon wheel, between all the lanterns, is a 5 blade fan. This piece as a whole is perfect for those who can’t decide between a chandelier or a ceiling fan. Now you don’t have to choose between the two, just choose the right rustic lantern finish and the perfect Western chain color.

If you like the idea of a chandelier + a fan, but maybe not year-round, then a wagon wheel ceiling fan light kit would be the perfect fixture. This unique piece allows you to attach and detach a fan whenever you like. If you need the cool air in the summertime and the warm lights in the winter time, this ceiling fan light will be perfect for your home. Customize the lantern finish so that it matches your Western space perfectly.

With or Without Lights?

Ceiling fans will always come with blades but they do not always have to be light fixtures as well. Fans like the Western star ceiling fan comes without lights but it does come with beautiful, intricate details. The ceiling canopy and wooden blades are hand-carved with beautiful Western stars and rustic, antique filigree. They are so intricate and eye-catching – they bring a luxurious rustic feel to a living room or bedroom.

If you decide that lights would be beneficial with your ceiling fan, then there are plenty of creative Western options you can choose from. The "Horses" Western ceiling fan has hand-carved wooden blades that bring a luxurious Western feel. The ceiling canopy is a gorgeous gold color, lined with a metal rope design, and encompassed with wild horse silhouettes. The light at the bottom is more rounded, giving the ceiling fan a smoother look.

Ceiling fans like the "Rodeo" Western ceiling fan is unique, because the lights in this fixture are covered up. Behind the golden ceiling canopy with rodeo silhouettes, are 4 lightbulbs. It is perfect for mood lighting and keeping a room cool. The 5 wooden blades have horseshoes at the bases, adding to the Western feel of this ceiling fan.

Whether you choose to have lights with your ceiling fan or not, you are sure to find the right one for your Western space. Luckily, you can choose your favorite design while guaranteeing you will always have a way to stay cool.

Cool Down

Chandelier ceiling fans, ceiling fans with lights, and ceiling fans without lights are the different choices available to you. They are a beautiful, functional piece that are covered in a variety of Western symbols. The variety ensures that you will find the perfect piece for your Western space.