Creating the Perfect Western Space

The Wild West can be a fun and creative theme to incorporate into your home. Whether you want small touches or want to apply it all throughout your home, there are many available options. You can find a variety of things for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room and create the perfect Western space for your home. 

Getting Started

There are a few things to consider when decorating your home with the Wild West. When choosing the right décor and furniture, you want to keep in mind these things:

  • Stay natural: nature is a big part of the Wild West, so do not stray from that. Items made from wood, animal hides, and antlers are fairly common among Western themed homes
  • Add some color: sunsets, the desert, and the wildlife have inspired some of the most beautiful colors. Add them throughout your home to really bring the Wild West alive
  • Remember the art: the West has inspired some beautiful pieces of art, ranging from horses to cowboys to sunsets and much more. Art is an important aspect of a Western space because it truly captures the beautiful elements of the Wild West

Most Common Western Symbols

What do you visualize when you think of the Wild West? When you think of creating your Western space, what symbols can you see? There are many symbols that may come to mind for many people, all of which can be found among many Western themed spaces. They represent the West and all that lives within it.

With all these different symbols, you can incorporate them into your home in so many different ways. From art work, to décor, to furniture – the options are endless. You will always be able to find something that you need that contains the symbol(s) you are looking for. 

Bring in Nature

Horses, bears, and elk are just some of the animals you can find in the Wild West. Incorporate them into your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or entryway with a variety of nature rugs, in a variety of sizes. The nature seems to come alive on the rugs, with the attention to detail and colorful imagery. 

Cowhides are another brilliant way to bring nature into your Western space. From pillows, to rugs, to even bedding, you can find many ways to incorporate cowhides. Whether they are subtle additions or bold pieces, they will complement your Western space.

Antlers are well known symbol of the Wild West which can help you to create the perfect Western space. Incorporate antlers with your faith with an antler cross or incorporate them into your light fixtures. Antlers can be a subtle yet important part of your Western space.

Bring in the Art

From oil paintings to sculptures to framed pictures, many symbols of the Wild West can be found in various art forms. Paul Cameron Smith has many pieces that portray the love that the Wild West creates. You can also find pieces of the various symbols - horses, boots, saddles, and a lot more. 

Sculptures can be very beautiful and detailed art pieces. They are perfect for shelves, mantles, and desks. Horse sculptures can be small or large, with lifelike details that will leave people in awe. Cowboy and cowgirl sculptures have so much detail and color, they look like miniature people adorning your shelves. 

Whether you are looking for slate art, art on wood, or shadow box art your Western space can benefit from art. When there are so many different mediums and subjects to choose from, the Wild West can come to life in your home.   

Bring the Wild West to Your Home

Color, nature, and artwork are some of the most important things to bring into your Western space. The Wild West can run free within your home with various pieces of art, furniture, and décor. When you keep in mind these three characteristics, you can create the perfect Western space that will speak volumes to all those who see it.