Fall is Here

Time to Stay Warm

As the leaves change and the temperatures drop, it is important to stay warm. Whether you are out and about or at home, there are many different ways you can beat the dropping temperatures. From clothing, to bedding, to rugs, you can make yourself and your home warm for the fall and winter seasons.

For Your Home


Wild West Living Keeping Warm in the Fall  Wild West Living Americana Quilt Set

When it begins to get colder at night, having warm and cozy bedding can be a great end to your day. After your long day, change into your PJs and crawl into some warm quilt sheets, like the "Black Bear" Quilt Set. The bears and Western colors against the white quilt really pop and call your name after your day. The "Americana" Quilt Set is a warm patriotic, bedding set that is sure to keep you cozy throughout the fall and winter nights. Our "Horse Country" Western Quilt Set is another fun, warm, and cozy quilt set for your Western bedroom. They show how beautiful and intricate quilts can be, all while keeping you warm at night and allowing you to escape after a long day. 

Laredo Tan Western Star Comforter Set  

"Cowhide Creme" Western Sheets are perfect for your Western bedroom. Pair them with a big, cozy comforter and you have the warmest bed to look forward to. Our "Laredo Tan" Western Star Comforter Set would complement those sheets perfectly. The cowhide and the stars are sure to keep you warm and cozy and allow you to escape the cold. Allow the thick comforter of the Arizona Style Western Bedding Set to wrap you up at night. Or, if you don’t use a comforter, fold it at the end of your bed to keep your feet warm so you don’t wake up in the night with freezing toes. There are so many beautiful and fun Western bedding sets to choose from. Find the right set for you so you can come home after a long day to curl up and relax.


Wild West Living Running Horse Western Area Rug

If you have hardwood floors, rugs can be a great way to keep your feet warm and retain heat in your home. You can find a rug for any space in your home, whether it be the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. A "Running Horse" area rug is perfect for your living room. Its size covers a lot of floor space, making it easy to avoid any cold spots on the floor early in the morning or late at night. It is so lifelike, you might as well have horses running through your home.

The "West by Southwest" Western Runner is a great rug for your hallways. You don’t have to jump from room to room to keep your feet warm with a runner. The fun Western designs really pop against the floor. For your bathroom, whenever you get out of the shower, you want to stay warm. You don’t want to step on the cold floor so instead, use the Western Star & Barbwire Jute Bath Rug. Due to its size, this rug is very versatile for your home, like your bathroom, kitchen, or even an entryway. No matter the space in your home, you can find the perfect Western rug to keep warm.

Wild West Living Western Star and Barbwire Jute Rug

For You

Headbands & Hats

Wild West Living Western Tribal Fabric Headband

While you are out and about, it is important to keep your ears warm. After all, you are more likely to lose heat through your head, hands, and feet. With a Western Crosses Black Headband you can keep your ears warm under a hat. You can also be fashionable, as this headband is perfect for almost any wardrobe. A Western Tribal Headband is sure to add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe and continue to keep you warm on your way to work or while you are out and about. Once you have a headband, throw a hat on to help keep the heat from escaping. A Brown Twisted-X Ball Cap is a simple design. The brown allows it to be a good hat for almost any on-the-go outfit. The Horsehead Vintage Cap is a pop of color for your outfit and you can choose a color that would best match your wardrobe.

Wild West Living Brown Twisted-X Ball Cap


Socks & Hoodies

Wild West Living Marbled Over the Knee Socks

With your tall boots, wear a pair of Marbled Black Over the Knee Socks. They are sure to keep your feet warm and keep the heat trapped. The Longhorn Black Western Socks are perfect for men, keeping your feet warm as you work or relax. If ankle socks work better for you, Hooey Performance Socks or "Blue Ribbon Horse" Fashion No-Show Socks would be perfect for you. They can still keep your feet warm but won’t stick out over your shoes.

Wild West Living Hooey Performance Socks

Before you go out for the day, be sure to grab a warm hoodie to pull over your outfit. A "Silver Bronc" Western Hoodie is a perfect hoodie for any day and any occasion. The bucking bronco seems to come to life within the barbed wire border. Show your love for horses with a "Heart Is" Western Horses Hoodie. Your love of horses and this hoodie is sure to keep you warm while you are out.

Wild West Living "Heart Is" Western Hoodie   Wild West Living 'Silver Bronc' Western Hoodie


Scarves are another fashionable item that does great to keep you warm. You can choose from so many Western designs and find the best one, or two, for your everyday wardrobe. The Southwestern Stripe Infinity Scarf is a nice pop of color. The horses against the bold colors really pop; you are sure to make a statement and keep warm with this scarf. Wrap the Equestrian Pashmina & Silk Scarf around your neck and go. It is incredibly soft, making this winter scarf a perfect accessory and perfect way to keep warm.

Wild West Living Horses and Horsehoes Pashmina & Silk Scarf

Wild West Living Southwestern Stripe Infinity Scarf

There are many ways to keep warm while you are out and about or even relaxing at home. Find the perfect socks, hoodie, hat, or scarf to help keep the heat within your body.


Stay Warm and Bundle Up  

There are many different ways to stay warm as the temperatures drop. Crawl into a warm bed at the end of the day with warm and cozy sheets, keep your feet and house warm with various Western rugs, and keep yourself warm as you are out during the day or night. Choose from a variety of Western designs and colors.