Farmhouse Living

When you hear ‘farmhouse’, you think rustic and homey. If you’re looking to improve your farmhouse space and make it even more homey, there are many different things you can add. From light fixtures to kitchen items to décor items for your home and even your yard. Even the smallest of things can make a big transformation in your home and turn it into a homey farmhouse. 

Common Characteristics

In many farmhouses, there are different things you will find throughout all of them. In the kitchen, a farmhouse sink is very common. Essentially, farmhouse sinks are just bigger with more space to hold more items, whether it is dishes or produce to wash off. Along with the sink, wooden countertops and white cabinets are very popular throughout farmhouse kitchens. The dark wood and the white create a beautiful contract in your kitchen. It is not too dark and not too bright in one of the rooms you may spend most of your time in. 

Wooden plank walls are another common characteristic that you can find throughout many farmhouses. Whether you paint them or just stain them, they can really bring the farmhouse feel. Galvanized metal and/or wire is also found throughout farmhouses – whether they are metal buckets or wire baskets. Both can be décor items or functional pieces throughout your home. Burlap can be used all throughout your home – table placemats, table runners, and other various décor items. It is a simple material yet has a variety of uses. 

These various designs can be found throughout many farmhouses. They are very common because they bring that country farmhouse feeling to any home. With these various characteristics, you are sure to have yourself a rustic and homey farmhouse.

What You Can Do

Farmhouse Light Fixtures

Lights can be a simple yet effective way to bring the farmhouse feel to your home. This Tall Mason Jar Desk Lamp is the perfect small fixture for any desk, side table, or nightstand. Mason jars go hand-in-hand with farmhouses so this will help to enhance your own farmhouse. A Western Blackstone Lantern Pendant Lamp would be perfect above your kitchen table or in a bedroom. Lanterns can bring a rustic feel to your farmhouse. If you need a larger fixture, the Western Mason Jar Wagon Wheel Chandelier is sure to bring your farmhouse together. Mason jars and wagon wheels scream ‘rustic’, which makes them perfect for your farmhouse. 

You can find light fixtures of different sizes to turn your home into the perfect farmhouse. The different sizes allow for the farmhouse feel to be spread throughout your whole house.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Along with the white cabinets, wooden countertops, and farmhouse sinks, add smaller items that will help you to bring the farmhouse feel to your kitchen. A Star Vine Western Pitcher would be perfect for your table. Serve beverages in it to your family or guests in style. This pitcher would even be perfect for an outside event, like a gathering, BBQ, or family reunion. Keep your guests’ drinks filled with this farmhouse pitcher. Perfect for your countertops, the Blue Rooster Goodie Jar would be perfect for your family’s cookies. The gorgeous details of the rooster bring it to life in your farmhouse kitchen. 

Farm Life Hand Towels are sure to help you bring your farmhouse kitchen together. The various farm animals with the subtle colors will help you to bring a small yet subtle farmhouse accent to your home. For your table, 'Roosters' Western Jacquard Placemats would be perfect for your family and guests to eat meals off of, along with beautiful dishes like 'Royal Rooster' 16 piece Dinnerware Set

There is a lot that you can add to your kitchen that is sure to transform your kitchen into a farmhouse kitchen. With the fun designs and colors, you are sure to have a unique farmhouse.  

Outdoors On The Farm

You can even bring a farmhouse feel to your yard or porch. Bring some lovely sounds to your farmhouse porch with a Farm Animal Wind Chime. The farmhouse animals and the fun sounds are sure to bring the farmhouse to life. A 'Cowboy Rooster' Birdhouse Chandelier is sure to bring the farmhouse to your yard. Since the rooster is such a popular icon of the farmhouse style, 3 of them on a birdhouse hanging in your yard would be perfect for your farmhouse.  

Larger items like a Mini Flower Cart would be perfect for your farmhouse. Add some color to your yard with this cart or even start a garden that will bring you and your family fresh produce for your meals. Go bigger with the Hay Wagon and display more flowers or other garden/outdoor accessories. There is even an option for a hitch, it just depends on how you would like to display your farmhouse décor. 

Even outdoors can you expand your farmhouse. There is so much you can do to your yard or patio that would indicate to anyone who visits, that you love the farmhouse style and you can make it look good indoors and out. 

Start Farmhouse Decorating

The farmhouse look can be rustic and homey. With the right items, you can turn your home into the perfect farmhouse. From light fixtures to kitchen décor to even outdoor décor, you can create the perfect farmhouse for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy.