Light Up a Space with a Chandelier

Wagon wheels and antlers are very common in the designs of the various chandeliers we carry. They are Western symbols that can be used creatively and result in a variety of unique and fun designs for chandeliers. Chandeliers do not always have to be crystal and sparkle, they can be mason jars, lanterns, antlers, and wagon wheels. Chandeliers can be unique and one-of-a-kind – they can be the perfect light fixture for your Western space.

Wagon Wheels

Wagon wheels can be different sizes, which leaves a lot of room for a variety of different designs and lights that can be used. The Copper Canyon Durango Wagon Wheel chandelier (1) comes in different finishing options and hanging options. With that, you can find the perfect one that will fit your Western space. The beautiful lanterns hanging from a rustic wagon wheel creates a beautiful Western chandelier that is sure to light up your kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

When you have a wagon wheel, combining it with mason jars is sure to bring the Wild West to your home. A Mason Jar Wagon Wheel Chandelier  (2) is a beautiful and unique piece. Instead of light bulbs, the mason jars hold remote control LED flameless candles. When they flicker against the glass, this chandelier is perfect for mood lighting. The gorgeous finish of the wagon wheel combined with the soft flickering of the candles in the mason jars is sure to bring a romantic, rustic feel to any Western space.

If you want to go big, the Double Wagon Wheel chandelier (3) would be perfect for a large space. The barrel in the middle of the top wagon wheel adds to the rustic feel this chandelier will bring to your home. With how large this piece is, it is sure to bring a lot of light to a room and become a big conversation starter.

Wagon wheels are perfect for chandeliers. The different sizes and designs can make for some unique chandeliers that are perfect for any Western space.


A popular décor item, antlers can be found in many Western spaces as lamps, coat racks, handles, and a lot of other items. They can even be made into large beautiful chandeliers that are sure to light up any space. The Whitetail Deer Antler chandelier (4) is a total of 10 antlers and holds three lights; its size is perfect for a kitchen, in a dining room, or even a hallway. The lights shining through the antlers really light them up and highlight the beauty of the different antlers.

Another Whitetail antler chandelier (5) that seems to cradle the lights is perfect for your home. The 6 antlers seem to come together to create a bowl-like shape. This makes the lights seem to dance on the antlers, making this chandelier’s design really beautiful. With 21 antlers, a cascade chandelier (6) is the perfect piece for large spaces, like a living room or dining room. The way the antlers come together and hold the lights is beautiful. They seem to run together and cradle the lights, which reflect off the surfaces and light up each individual antler. 

Whether large or small, no matter the number of antlers in the chandelier, they are sure to make beautiful light fixtures that will really light up a room. They will bring your Western space together and become big conversational pieces.

Find the Perfect Chandelier

Whether it is a wagon wheel or antlers, you are sure to find the perfect chandelier for your home. No matter where you want it – kitchen, bedroom, living room, or hallway – you are sure to find a rustic chandelier for your Western space. Luckily you can also choose candles over light bulbs and find the perfect chandelier for any part of your home.