Old Guns of the Old West

Let’s take a trip back in time. We are going to check out the guns that many well-known men and women used in the Old West. These old guns of the Old West were carried by outlaws, soldiers, and other icons that we know and admire today.

Who Used Which One?

Yellow Hair’s Remington Army Revolver Outdoor Life Buffalo Bill owned a Remington Rolling Block Rifle. The original concept of this rifle was designed by Leonard Geiger in 1863 and it was produced between 1867 and 1934. Another Remington gun that Buffalo Bill gained was the Remington Army Revolver from Cheyenne warrior, Yellow Hair. This particular revolver reflects Buffalo Bill’s time as a soldier, as he gained this gun by killing Yellow Hair.

How did Buffalo Bill earn his nickname? Well, it was due to his Springfield Model 1866 Trapdoor Rife, which he named Lucretia Borgia. This rife was used while he hunted bison for the Kansas Pacific Railroad. The model 1866 was the second conversion of Erskine Allin.

Annie Oakley’s Smith & Wesson No. 3 Revolver Outdoor LifeAt the age of 15, Annie Oakley entered a shooting match against acclaimed exhibition shooter, Frank Butler, and won. The Smith & Wesson No. 3 was one of the many firearms she shot during her career with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. It is believed that she ordered three of these particular revolvers during her lifetime.

James Butler Hickok, or “Wild Bill”, was a legendary gunfighter in the Old West. Throughout his life, he held many positions. He was a lawman, gunfighter, showman, and even a gambler. In 1861, he rose to fame after a gunfight, he killed his own deputy a decade later, and he also performed with Buffalo Bill on Stage. The Colt 1851 Navy revolver is one from a pair that he owned. It was used to pay his burial expenses after he was murdered.

George Armstrong Custer held a prestigious military career, being the Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment when he died. His Sharps Model 1853 Sporting Rifle reflects his civilian life. This rifle was iconic on the frontier, known for its bison hunting, and it is the last model that Christian Sharps worked on before leaving the company.

Old Guns, Fun History

Buffalo Bill’s Springfield Model 1866 Trapdoor Rifle – Lucretia Borgia Outdoor Life

These are just some of the various guns that famous people of the Old West used. Each person has an interesting history, along with their guns, which made the Old West even more exciting. Check out the links below to learn about more guns and more famous Old West lawmen, outlaws, or gunfighters.