Sierra Slate Images

Wild West Living is proud to offer a variety of beautiful Western slate art by Shlomo Shuval. The Sierra Slate images come from a process that transfers photos to slate, which makes each piece unique. The subjects of many of the Sierra Slate images are dramatic photos from history, which means no two pieces are alike. Themes include his capture of the beauty of horses, the serene scenes of cowboys on horseback along rivers and the energy of bronco riders in the arena. The images appear to be engraved on the rock, giving each artwork unique contours, shading and a 3-D look and feel.

Running Horses

Wild West Living Slate Image "Wild Beauty"Horses are always prominent in Western art. Shuval used running horses in a few Sierra Slate images. The Slate Image "Stampede" is a beautiful picture of running horses. The have a wild spirit about them, running through some water. The Wild West is sure to be running through your home with this beautiful piece of art. Slate Image "Wild Beauty" is a beautiful profile piece of two wild running horses. The beautiful horses really pop against the white background, drawing your eye to the beautiful details. Shuval’s Slate Image "Majestic Profile" is another beautiful profile art piece. It focuses specifically on one horse, with beautiful details in the mane and face. With these different running horse Sierra Slate images, you can have a herd of beautiful Western horses running in your home or office.

Western Cowboys

Wild West Living Slate Image "Rearing Horse"In your Western home or office, add some Western cowboys from back when. Shuval created some beautiful Western cowboy Sierra Slate images, like the Slate Image "Rearing Horse". In this image, a cowboy is working to control a horse; it shows the strength that a cowboy utilizes daily. Both the cowboy and horse are strong in this picture, which makes it an almost motivational art piece for a home or office. A group of cowboys gather for the day in the Slate Image "Green Cattle". This Sierra Slate image shows how horses and cowboys work together to get a task done. This image is very lifelike, with many details throughout the cowboys, horses, and shrubbery. Shuval brings a chuck wagon break to life with the Sierra Image "Chuck Wagon". Here, the cowboys seem to be taking a break from the Western life and enjoy some relaxation. Each Shlomo Shuval Sierra Slate image brings the Western cowboys to life and would make great additions to any Western home or office.

Find Sierra Slate Images for Your Western Space

With many different Sierra Slate images to choose from, you can bring the Wild West to life with any of them. The beautiful details in each really pop and are sure to really highlight your Western space.