Small Touches of the Wild West

Whether it is within your home or in your day-to-day life outside of it, you can show your love for the Wild West. From accessories to clothing to dishes and even expressing your faith – you can easily add a subtle Western touch. There are many different and creative ways you can add small touches of the Wild West to everyday life. 

Wild Western Fashion

Subtle accessories like belts, scarves, and jewelry are the best ways to add small touches of the Wild West to your everyday wardrobe. Belts can bring the perfect Western touch to an outfit. With the perfect amount of bling, pair it with your favorite outfit and jewelry and you will let everyone know of your love for the Wild West. Add a belt buckle to any belt to add a bold Western piece, bound to catch anyone’s eye.

Scarves are one of the best accessories for the chilly weather. Horse-themed scarves are perfect for showing your love for one of the most famous symbols of the Wild West. The horse is known to represent freedom with no restraints. This makes the horse one of the most important symbols of the Wild West. 

Jewelry can be subtle yet bold pieces to add to your wardrobe. They are small pieces that can say a lot to those who see them. Western jewelry is beautiful with its turquoise and various other Wild West symbols. Symbols like shotgun shells, the cross, turquoise, and horseshoes can make beautiful statements as necklaces. They add the perfect Western touch to your day to day outfit that are subtle yet still bold.    

Western Style Office

If your office is missing something, things like small desk accessories and decorative pieces can be the perfect small touches of the Wild West. Decorative pieces like a wagon wheel can sit perfectly against the wall. It is a common yet popular Western symbol and it has the potential to add character to a space.  

If you would like to add more art to your office space, small, Western sculptures can spice up your desk space. They bring various Western symbols to life, like the cowboys, horses, eagles, and other wildlife creatures. With beautiful and intricate details, the sculptures are almost lifelike, creating a beautiful Western theme on your desk. 

Other pieces like a cowboy boot pen holder can bring more storage to your desk space. It also helps you to keep track of all your pens, instead of rummaging through drawers to find one. The metal horseshoe corner shelf is another helpful piece for the office. It can bring display space for personal items such as photos that can help bring some happiness to a crazy day at the office. 

If you love the Wild West theme and want to bring it outside of your home, your office space could be the perfect spot. Work can sometimes get crazy, so bring in some small touches of the Wild West to bring some peace and fun. Get creative with your ideas and find the perfect pieces for your office space.

Wild West Kitchen

In the kitchen, there are so many changes you can bring to create a Western space, many of which can be noticeable when you first walk in. Things like curtains, rugs, and even dishes are great giveaways that you love the Wild West. Although, there are more subtle and small touches of the Wild West that you can add to your kitchen. 

Towels can be the perfect subtle pieces because they are used regularly throughout the kitchen. When not in use, they can be hung on the stove for others to see. With symbols like saddles, barbed wire, and crosses you can add the perfect everyday use of the Wild West.

Table runners and placemats can accent your table and be the perfect small touches of the Wild West. With various colors and designs, you can match them up together or find ones that complement each other. They are sure to add a small touch of the Wild West in your kitchen/dining room. 

With all of the larger items you can place within your kitchen, don’t forget about the smaller things that you may overlook. The more subtle ways to bring the Wild West into a kitchen can ultimately be the ones that stand out the most. They will still be the small touches of the Wild West but they will bring a lot to the table.

Western Décor

It’s the small things within a room that you can add to speak the loudest. Items like pillows, picture frames, and wall décor can be the perfect touch of the Wild West throughout your home. Whether they are for your couch or for your bedding, there are a variety of Western pillows you can choose from. From leather pillows to cowhide pillows to burlap pillows, find the perfect one for your space. Find the one that is just what you are looking for, whether it has a cross or a horse, is covered in cowhide, or contains wildlife from the Wild West.

If you love pictures and displaying them for all to see, a variety of frames is sure to bring a small touch of the Wild West into your Western space. Whether you want the beautiful, life-like details of the sculpture picture frame or the personalization of the engraved picture frame, any frame within your home is bound to spice up your Western space.

Get Started

Whether it is part of your wardrobe, within your office, or even your home, there are a variety of different ways to add small touches of the Wild West in your home. The small touches can complement the Western space you want to achieve and can also emphasize it as well. Sometimes a little can go a long way. So figure out what your space is missing and get started on finding it.