Southwestern Home Decor and Style

Common Elements Found In Southwestern Home Decor

When you want to create a Southwestern look in your home, there are many things that you should incorporate and keep in mind when decorating. The interior should be distinctive, warm, and inviting. It should be a combination of Native American and Spanish styles – a traditional infusion consisting of color, wood, metal details, and decorative accents. 

Southwestern Color

When you picture a Southwestern landscape, you can see all the beautiful bright and bold colors of the sky, the desert, and the wildlife. Colors like red, orange, yellow, cobalt, and turquoise are popular colors among a Southwestern home. All these colors work well together to create a Southwestern landscape in your home. 

Typical Southwestern Wood

Within your Southwestern home, wood is a common element that can be used in almost anything. When choosing your wood, you want to choose the ones that are sturdy and thick – the kind that represents the same wood that was used in old churches and other Southwest buildings. Some of your choices would be pine, oak, maple, or Cherrywood. These types of wood are beautiful when not painted or finished in either way but, they can add to your Southwestern home if you add the bold and vibrant colors the Southwest has inspired. 

Metal Designs of the Southwest

Metal can be part of your Southwestern home in a few different ways. From your furniture like the couch or chair, to decorative items for your walls or tables, to even smaller items like door knobs, handles, or shelf brackets. Wrought iron is a popular metal that you see in a Southwestern home. 

Southwestern Furniture

Decorative Accents

In your Southwestern home, decorative items should include things like candles, skulls, and paintings. The Steer Skull Western Wall Hanging is a perfect item for your Southwestern space. When you pair it with metal wall art like the Running Horse, which is full of beautiful Southwestern colors and symbols, your walls can truly reflect the Southwest. Another way you can incorporate wood into your Southwestern space and add some decorative items to your home is with Southwestern wooden art pieces like the "Indian Chief Portrait"

Barbed wire candle holders would be perfect for your candles in your Southwestern home. They are subtle yet bold ways you can incorporate metal into any part of your home. Pottery and Native American influences are other important aspects of a Southwestern home so, why not combine the two? The Native style decorative horse design pots are the perfect pieces to place around your bedroom, living room, or even a kitchen. 

These items may seem small but they can go a long way in your Southwestern home. They are subtle yet bold items that will be sure to convey the beauty and boldness of the Southwest. Decorative accents are important to a Southwestern home so make sure you find the right ones that will fit correctly into your space. 


Rugs can be a perfect Southwest touch to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. They can really capture the bold and vibrant colors and the various symbols. The "Artesia" Southwestern accent rug is perfect for bathrooms or kitchens. The bold red and turquoise in this rug really capture the beauty of the Southwest. The reds, greens, and golds paired with the Southwestern symbols make the "Southwestern" area rug really vibrant in your living room or bedroom. 

Another way to combine Native American influences and the Southwest is with a "Mesa Verde" Western area rug. The bold colors and the Southwestern landscape is sure to bring the Southwest to life in your home. A "Steer Head" Western area rug showcases the desert with the browns and skulls on it. It is not as bright as the other rugs but it is still bold and captures the Southwest. 

Any rug that you choose will bring the Southwest to your home and emphasize all the colors and symbols. With the right one, you can create the perfect Southwestern home. 

Bring Southwestern Home Decor and Style to Your Home

When you incorporate the Southwest into your home, you can bring in different elements to create the perfect space. Use bold and vibrant colors, various wood items, and metal throughout your home to bring the Southwest alive. There are many different ways you can bring it to your home, so find the perfect items for your home now.