Symbols of the Wild West

Western Symbols in Everyday Life

When you think about the Wild West, a lot of different symbols come to mind. Symbols that can be seen throughout many Western movies, TV shows, books, and even towns. Some of these symbols are horseshoes, cowboy hats, stars, and crosses. There are many more common symbols of the Wild West and each one has its own meaning.

Horses & Horseshoes

Horses played a huge role in the settlement of the United States. Even today, they are still incredibly useful to ranchers and farmers. They also make great pets to those who enjoy weekend rides through the mountains. Those who brought the horses with the settlement brought with them folklore about horseshoes. Horseshoes were, and still are today, considered good luck with the ability to ward off evil. Now, instead of warding off evil spirits, it is commonly used as a token of good luck, when pointing up. 

Wild West Living Western Metal Art with Star and Horseshoes

Horseshoes also make beautiful decorative items. The Western Metal Art with Star & Horseshoes is a large piece, perfect for a living room or bedroom. Combined with a star and barbed wire, the 5 horseshoes pointing up are sure to bring a lot of luck to your home. If you want to be able to bring the luck with you wherever you go, a Cross & Horseshoe Necklace is sure to help with that. Without horses, horseshoes wouldn’t have inspired many superstitious beliefs. Horses are very majestic and beautiful animals and the "Horses at Sunset" Canvas Art surely captures that beauty. Perfect for a bedroom, living room, or office, this canvas is a beautiful piece of art that captures a horse’s true beauty.

Wild West Living Horses at Sunset Canvas Art


From sheriff’s badges to flags, stars can be found throughout the Wild West. They represent patriotism, honor, and bravery. Stars go perfect on barns, front doors, porches, saddles, and even everyday items like clothing or jewelry. To enjoy stars within your home, bring the beautiful "Patched Two-Tone Star" Western 4 piece Bedding Set into your bedroom. The bold stars really pop against the neutral brown bedding and, when you pair it with the matching pillows, you bring many more bold stars to your room.

Wild West Living Red, White, and Blue Metal Barbwire & Horseshoe Star

For the living room, bring in a bigger, more patriotic star like the Red, White, & Blue Metal Barbwire & Horseshoe Star. The size of this star makes it a perfect décor item for a bedroom, living room, office, or even a dining room. It also combines other popular Western symbols, like barbed wire and horseshoes. The bright and bold patriotic colors really make this a beautiful star piece that would really accent your Western home. This star is a great conversational piece for you and your guests to enjoy. If large and bold aren’t your style, there are some smaller star pieces for you to enjoy and even take out with you. The Heart, Star, Flower & Pearl Drop Jewelry Set are beautiful pieces that you can wear daily. The gold heart wrapped around the star emphasizes your love for the Wild West. The intricate details make this jewelry set a perfect gift for yourself or loved ones.

Wild West Living Western Heart, Star, Flower, and Pearl Drop Jewelry Set

If you don’t have a barn, don’t worry; you can still bring stars to your outdoor space. A Western Stars Fire Pit is sure to brighten up your porch. Your family and guests can gather around it and enjoy the light of the fire dancing on the Western designs. The four stars may seem small yet they will surely pop under a fire’s glow. Whether you want something big, small, or something you can take with you, there are plenty of ways you can include stars into your life. With so many different ways stars contribute to the Wild West, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

Wild West Living Western Stars Fire Pit 


The Texas Longhorns were other animals that greatly transformed the U.S. during the settlement. They are considered very hardy animals, able to survive the long cattle drives in various states like Colorado and Texas. Thanks to the longhorns, cowboys always had a job to do. Today, longhorns have made their way into people’s homes as décor pieces and even items you can wear daily. For your home, why not add some longhorns to your bathroom? The "Hill Country Blues" Shower Curtain is a perfect addition to your Western bathroom. The bright colors of the longhorns grazing in the grass and the life-like details are sure to bring the Wild West to your home.

For your entryway, living room, kitchen, or bathroom, a Longhorn Area Rug would be the perfect accent to your Western home. The beautiful cowhide and the Western colors really pop and are sure to draw your eye. If you need some wall décor, a longhorn skull may be just the perfect thing. Displaying patriotism, the Western American Flag Longhorn Skull is waiting to accent your living room, bedroom, office, or dining room. The fun pattern of the flag and the bright, bold colors are sure to capture your attention and make a great conversation piece.

Wild West Living Western American Flag Longhorn Skull Plaque

Longhorns don’t seem like a symbol that would go perfect with a night out but, the Longhorn Skull Gentleman's Dress Watch proves how elegant it can be. It has an extra-large black leather band, accented by engraved silver geometric designs and a longhorn on each side. This would make a perfect gift for your husband, brother, uncle, nephew, child, grandchild, grandfather, or even a good friend. With the different ways you can incorporate a longhorn into your everyday life, you are sure to find the perfect longhorn piece.

Wild West Living Longhorn Skull Gentleman's Dress Watch


Crosses have always played a huge part in the Wild West and have their place in Western homes. In early American life, whenever someone died, people needed a quick and inexpensive way to bury people. Sometimes, crosses would be made out of available materials in order to mark the graves. Today, crosses are still very much a part of the Wild West and used to express one’s faith. There are many different ways one can incorporate the cross into everyday life, whether it be wall décor, bedding, jewelry, car decals, and a lot more.

If you want to display your faith while you are out and about, the Turquoise Hammered Silver Cuff Bracelet is sure to help you do just that. The hammered crosses on it with the turquoise bring out the Western and faith aspect of this beautiful piece. Other ways you can bring your faith on the go with you are the Camo Cross 3-piece Wheeled Luggage Set. With this set, you can travel far and wide, displaying a beautiful cross. No matter where you go, you will always show off your faith and love for the cross.

Wild West Living Western Camo Cross 3-Piece Wheeled Luggage Set

When you have a home that needs some decorative pieces, a wall cross would be perfect. A 2-Horse Cross with Leather combines another Western symbol, the horse, with the cross and creates a beautiful piece. This piece is perfect for a living room, bedroom, office, bathroom, or dining room. It is a piece that is sure to grab your guests’ attention and strike up some conversations. Another way to incorporate crosses into your home is with Turquoise Cross 16-piece Dinnerware Set. With this beautiful set, you can serve your family and your guests with beautiful pieces that contain a beautiful cross. The beautiful details may make it hard to dirty up the dishes in the first place but they make a good way to add a cross to your everyday meals. Find the best way for you to display your faith in your life for yourself and others to see and admire.

Wild West Living Turquoise Cross Western Dinnerware Set 16-Piece

Many Western Symbols

The various Western symbols we all know and love today have a fun history. They have played huge roles in the Wild West and today, they are very popular décor symbols. From wall décor, to jewelry, to dishes, to outdoor pieces, there are many different ways you can incorporate them into your life. Choose from a variety of fun and unique pieces to display your likeness of various Western symbols or include all of them in different parts of your home in different ways.