Unique Western Wallets

There are many different styles of wallets being created for both men and women. With all the different color options and designs, you will be able to find the perfect wallet for you or a loved one. From phone case wallets to even wallets that can charge your phone, you are sure to find just the one you need.

Charging Western Wallets

Everyone is always looking for the best portable battery to charge their smart phones. Now, they can charge their phone and carry their ID, cash, and cards. The charging wallet is just the thing that we need. This leather wallet available in 4 different colors is perfect for men or women who like to keep their phone charged and carry as little number of items as possible. This wallet is the perfect size and it has USB to Micro USB cables for the power bank. The power bank is so well hidden that you cannot even tell it carries one.

The design of the wallet itself is beautiful, with intricate details. The designs seem to flow along the front, fitting the shape of the wallet and making it beautiful to look at. Most portable power banks aren’t pretty – they are solid colors and just for charging your phone. This wallet luckily is nice to look at, charges your phone, and holds all of your important items when you are out and about.

Western Cellphone Case Wallets

If you are someone who doesn’t need to charge their phone throughout the day but still hates carrying multiple items, the cellphone case wallet is just what you need. This wallet is perfect for your pocket, attached to your wrist, clipped to your jeans, or even slung over your shoulder. At first glance, it looks like only a phone case, with the beautiful studded snap that opens to the pouch for your phone. When you look again, you notice the zipper at the top that opens up to the perfect space for your ID, cards, and cash.

The design of this wallet is perfect for those who don’t like to carry around bigger and bulkier wallets or purses. Its small size makes it easy to take anywhere and it can easily be hidden. You can enjoy a night out without worrying about losing anything important. You can keep it with you on the busy days when you are going nonstop – losing your phone and other important items doesn’t have to be on your list of things to worry about.

Some bigger cellphone case wallets are Western Tony Lama cases . These are slightly larger and they allow you to keep your phone and cards hidden together, safely in your pocket. The case also allows you to still use your phone’s camera, adjust the volume, and access the power switch without having to remove your phone from the case. The three pockets on the inside allow you to quickly find the card you need to use and then put back with ease.

The Western iPhone case wallets are a little bit bigger yet still pocket sized. When you open these wallets up, you find a lot more space, like a regular wallet. With pockets for your phone, cards, cash, and even change this wallet is perfect for a night out. You can carry everything with you either in your pocket or on your wrist and you won’t lose anything. You can enjoy your night knowing that everything important is altogether and secure.

Large Western Phone Wristlets

With smart phones getting larger every year, it becomes harder to keep them in your pocket. Our phones are valuable so obviously we don’t want to leave them out and hope they are not stolen – we don’t need to spend nights out worrying about them. The wristlet case is just what we need for our growing smartphones. The large size is perfect for not only your phone, but your important items you need daily. All of the space allows for your items to not be squished together and the button clasp ensures that they don’t go missing. Attach the case to your wrist or your jeans and enjoy your night out. If you have a busy day, grab your case and don’t worry about your items disappearing or going missing. These large cases are the perfect size – not too big or too bulky.

Which Western Wallet is Right for You?

With all the different designs and styles to choose from, it might not be possible to find just one wallet. These wallets take an ordinary one and give it a unique twist, with them becoming so much more useful and functional in our day-to-day lives. They help you to keep all of your important stuff together so you don’t have to worry throughout your day or night. Find the wallet, or the many wallets, that will work best for you.