Western Art

The Wild West is the inspiration to many artists, with its bold and beautiful colors. There are many different subjects that artists can choose from. From posters to slate images to oil paintings, there are a variety of mediums to pick and choose from. Western art can be just what your space needs. Choose from different options and watch the Wild West run free in your home.

Paul Cameron Smith

With many Western pieces, Paul Cameron Smith truly captures the emotions of the Wild West. Portraying a variety of Western relationships, the love is strong with beautiful details. A cowboy and his cowgirl (1) come to life in various pieces, representing the love that the Wild West creates. The bond between a cowgirl and her horse (2) is captured, showing the tenderness and love between a human and her best friend. Wild and majestic creatures, horses are portrayed in many of Smith’s work. This popular Western symbol plays a huge role for the cowboys and the relationships the Wild West inspires.

David DeVary

Bright and bold colors make up the beautiful Western posters (3) by David DeVary. DeVary is known for using American West symbols to express emotions and various themes. With each poster, the subject has their face partially hidden, which emphasizes the mystery of the Wild West. The silver, gold, and copper metallic portray an attitude, with the body language and mannerisms capturing the romantic and idealized feelings also associated with the West. The designs seem simple but as a whole, the posters capture so much emotion and detail that you can’t help but feel that the subjects are staring right at you.

Wood Canvases

Wood is a natural and beautiful canvas, found all throughout the Wild West. It makes the perfect canvas for various pieces of Western art work that you can display throughout your home. Wooden plank art (4) is beautiful, with intricate lifelike details. With so many different subjects, you can find the perfect piece for your Western space. From horses, to boots, to cowboys, to cowgirls, the Wild West is sure to run throughout your space among the wood canvases.

Oil Paintings

With bright colors and bold brush strokes, the various oil paintings (5) are sure to bring the Wild West into your home. These beautiful pieces of Western art are so simple yet so lifelike. The details are in the brushstrokes, highlighting various shapes and shadows. The bright and vivid colors like orange and red accurately represent the colors of beautiful Western sunsets. The splashes of blues and greens represent the Western Wildlife that is spread throughout.

Sierra Slate Images

Earth-friendly and creative pieces of work, Western slate art (6) is a unique process. Shlomo Shuval invented a process to transfer photo images to slate and relies primarily on dramatic photos from history as his illustrations. No two pieces are alike, leaving this art medium incredibly unique and creative. The finished products are almost 3-D, with unique contouring and shading. Western symbols like horses, cowboys, and broncos are captured on slate, bringing a whole new life to them with the intricate details. This kind of Western art adds to the surprises of the West, showing that you can find a lot of interesting things in the Wild West and they will always leave you amazed.

Find the Perfect Piece for Your Home

When choosing between all the mediums, it seems impossible to find the right one for your home or other Western space. Western art can bring a whole different side of the Wild West to your space, with bright and beautiful colors, intricate details, and various Western symbols. You will always be able to find just what you are looking for, even if you find numerous pieces.