Western Art Décor

The Wild West is the inspiration of many beautiful and unique pieces of art. They are not always beautiful paintings, sketches, or posters. Western art can consist of horseshoe art, painted skulls, and metal art. Out of all the Western art, you are sure to find the perfect unique decorative piece for your Western space.

Horseshoe Art

Horseshoes can be beautiful pieces of art. These horseshoe hearts (1) are a perfect gift for your loved one. The strength of love and the bonds it creates is displayed all throughout this piece. With a strong and secure horseshoe base, this piece is sure to last for the years to come. If you prefer a piece that can be displayed on a wall, the hearts & crosses horseshoe wall art (2) would be perfect. This piece is unique because it uses both the horseshoes and the nails as part of its design. Overall, the design is a beautiful representation of faith and the role it can play in one’s life and the spot it has in one’s heart.

A more patriotic piece of horseshoe art is the American flag (3) made out of horseshoes. This is a bright and bold piece to hang in your Western space. It represents your love for the U.S. of A and the direction of the horseshoes is sure to help catch and keep your luck. Whether you want it inside or outside, it is sure to accurately represent your love for your country and the Wild West.

A more festive piece of horseshoe art is the horseshoe pumpkin (4). Perfect for Halloween, either on your porch or your kitchen table, this western-themed pumpkin is sure to help spread the festivities throughout your home. The horseshoes make this particular décor item more durable, as it will not fade as quickly or become dated. Whenever you shop for new Halloween decorations, you know your pumpkin is always like new, waiting to get put on display.

Decorative Skulls

Skulls are a huge Western symbol. They are popular decorative pieces, perfect for displaying on your walls. There are of course the plain skulls (5) but, if you are looking for some more color and something more creative, there are plenty of options. A painted skull (6) is a beautiful piece of art, with the details of the skull playing into the Western designs painted on them. The iron feathered skull (7) doesn’t focus so much on paint, but more on adding various Native American details, like feathers, iron, and turquoise.

The steer skull with turquoise cross (8) combines a couple popular Western symbols: the cross and turquoise. It is a simple design yet it is a bold Western piece with gorgeous gold accents that is sure to grab your guest’s attention. A more loud and fun piece is the double gun and shells skull (9). It is sure to grab your attention, as shotgun shells make up the base, with the pistols front and center.

Decorative skulls are unique and beautiful pieces of Western art. They are sure to grab one’s attention and make great conversational pieces. The beautiful colors and designs enhance this already well-known Western symbol and turn them into one-of-a-kind artwork.

Metal Art

Metal is a primary material that is used when creating a Western space. It can be tables, chairs, couch legs, and even art. Many metal Western art pieces are large, which make them perfect for living room walls, bedroom walls, or even for your outdoor space. Detailed pieces like the horse wall art (10) display beautiful colors and intricate details. The horse pops out of the frame, going beyond a traditional portrait to hang on your wall.

If you want to display your faith and the role it plays in your family, the "Partners" western cross (11) would be the perfect piece. The fusion finish adds some gorgeous colors to it which catches your eye and highlights the gorgeous details. The details of the barbed wire and the people within the cross are hard to miss. A simpler yet fun piece of décor is the blue star plaque (12). This metal Western art features a blue star, which is surrounded by red-brown Western symbols such as horseshoes, boots, and cowboy hats. The blue is bold yet it does not take away from the other symbols on the piece.

Even gorgeous Western landscapes can be captured in metal. Display a gorgeous Arizona sunset (13) in your home. From the cacti to the mountains to even the sun, there is so much detail within this Western art that it seems to come to life. This piece shows that metal does not have to be simple and dull, it can be gorgeous pieces of Western art that bring to life various Western symbols and landscapes.

Decorate Your Space Today

Find the perfect piece of Western art to decorate your home. Whether it is small or large, you are sure to find the right piece of décor that your Western space is missing. From horseshoe art to painted skulls to metal art, there are so many things you can decorate your Western home with. They are not the typical, traditional pieces of art but instead, they are one-of-a-kind and unique.