Western Art on Wood

Wood is always found throughout a rustic or farmhouse themed home, whether it is in the form of furniture, decoration, or even utensils. It can be very functional and can be transformed in so many different ways. One big way you can incorporate wood into your home is through art. Western art on wood can be very common throughout a Western home and it can be incredibly unique.

Capture the Spirit of the Wild West

Wild West Living Stallion and Mare Western Wood on ArtWood can be very versatile, which allows any artist to bring anything to life with it. The "Stallion and Mare" Western Printed Wooden Plank looks like it could be moving on your walls. You can see every detail of the horses’ manes and faces. This particular piece captures the beauty of wild horses. Another wild and beautiful wooden piece is the "American Buffalo" Western Printed Wooden Plank. The two buffalo really pop from the wood, as if to run across your walls. The details in this piece are incredibly accurate, giving them life and adding life to your Western space. You can see the detail in every strand of their fur, showing that there were no shortcuts made when this beautiful piece was created. Buffalo can also be found throughout Western homes, so this piece can add to yours in so many ways and can really bring a room together.

Wild West Living Rider Western Wooden Plank ArtOur "Rider" Western Wooden Plank Art really captures the relationship between a cowboy and his horse. The lifelike details give this wooden art piece movement, showing how the two work together. Horses are, and always have been, a big part of the Wild West so, this wooden art piece brings a lot to your space and really captures the spirit of the Wild West. No details were missed in the cowboy and its horse, giving it life and spirit. The "Barn Door" Western Wooden Plank Art is a simple piece, yet it still shows the life in the Wild West. Every cowboy and cowgirl needs a hat and they need a rope for a rodeo or rounding up livestock. The barn door on this piece of wooden art pops out, showing how even wood on wood can be incredibly detailed and lifelike.

Western art on wood can be incredibly beautiful and lifelike, allowing the spirit of the Wild West to run free in your home. With so many beautiful designs, you are sure to find the perfect piece for your home.

Another Side to the Wild West

If you want to add some lighthearted wooden art pieces to your home, you can still find some beautiful pieces. The "Showgirl with Yellow Shirt" Western Wood Plank Art is a fun piece, bringing a cowgirl to life. It is a fun piece to have in your living room, office, or even bathroom. You can really see all the details in her hair, her clothing, and even the rope she holds, which shows how much time and effort went into creating this piece. The "Rodeo" Western Art on Wood is a vintage-looking piece, with amazing details. The bronc rider is the main focus of this piece yet when you notice the other horses and riders in the background, you can admire the little details. Overall, the vintage look to this piece gives it a fun look and the details really bring this piece to life in your Western home.

Wild West Living Cowboy Blessing Wood SignWestern art on wood does not have to always have intricate and lifelike details. It can also be simpler yet still add to your rustic or farmhouse themed home. A "For This Family We Are Grateful" Wood Sign is a perfect rustic sign for your dining room or living room. It expresses how grateful you are for your family, with the wooden planks and ivory leaf design adding a farmhouse feel to your space. For a more straightforward Western design, the "Cowboy Blessing" Art on Wood would be perfect. This sign reminds you of the cowboy blessing you can remind yourself of every day. It is mainly text but the horse and praying cowboy on the bottom have just enough lifelike details to really bring this piece together for your Western space.

Whether you want fun designs with a lot of details or simpler designs, you can find the perfect Western art on wood for your Western space and really bring it all together.

Find Your Art Piece Today

Whether you want to capture the spirit of the Wild West with a bold and beautiful piece or a more fun and simpler wooden art piece, you can find just what your home needs. Your Western space may be missing something, so find the Western art on wood piece it needs at Wild West Living.