Western Bedding

Why not spice up your Western bedroom with some beautiful Western bedding? Wild West Living is proud to carry bedding with many different colors and patterns. No matter what Western style you are going for, we have the right Western bedding for you. If you prefer bold Western patterns or bold Western colors, you can find both at Wild West Living.

Bold Western Patterns

Wild West Living Horse Country Quilt SetAdd some beautiful Western bedding to your bedroom to really brighten up your space. Our "Linear Horse" Western Sheet Set is a fun set, with yellow/gold horses outlined on brown/tan fabric. Be surrounded by horses as you sleep, in an incredibly cozy and comfortable Western bed set. For a bolder design, the "Horse Country" Western Quilt Set can give you that. The beautiful tans and red compliment each other, which makes the horses really pop. The bold colors and designs combined with this warm and cozy quilt set is sure to keep you from ever leaving your bed.

Wild West Living Branded Bed CollectionOur "Branded" Western 5-Piece Bedding Set is another one of our bold Western bedding sets. This set is a real cowboy set, with the different brands throughout. The brands are in blue, red, and brown, so that they really pop against the suede comforter. With a dark brown bed skirt, the Western colors are sure to compliment each other and bring your Western bedroom together. If you want beautiful Western bedding for your child’s room, then the "Cowgirl" Western 3-Piece Bedding Set would be perfect. The brown accents really pop against the pink bedding, with a beautiful horse in the center. Your child’s Western room is sure to come together with this cute Western bedding.

Wild West Living has a lot of different bold Western bedding. With the right one, your Western bedroom will be complete.

Bold Western Colors

Wild West Living Calhoun Bedding CollectionMany of our Western bedding has beautiful colors that would compliment your Western bedroom. The "Calhoun" Western Bedding Set consists of beautiful Western colors like red, turquoise, brown, and tan. With the lighter colors mixed with the brighter colors, this Western bed set is incredibly complimentary and is sure to add some beautiful colors to your Western bedroom. Our "Canyon View" Western 5-Piece Bedding Set has a brown base, which makes the smaller stripes of red and turquoise really pop. This Western bedding is perfect for a Western bedroom that is not too bold or bright; it can bring the right colors to your space in all the right places.

Wild West Living Cimarron Bedding CollectionFor a more Southwestern look, the "Cimarron" Western 5-Piece Bedding Ensemble can deliver that, with amazing colors. The red really stands out against the dark brown and tans, emphasizing the Southwest designs. Western colors combined with Southwest designs creates unique Western bedding that is sure to help you create a unique Western bedroom. If you prefer bolder colors over bolder designs, then you can find just the colors your space is missing at Wild West Living.

Find the Western Bedding Your Western Bedroom Needs

Wild West Living has a variety of Western bedding to choose from, whether you want bold Western patterns or just bold Western colors. With all the options, you can complete your Western bedroom or even create the best Western theme for your bedroom or guestroom. Check out the Western bedding your space may need!