Western Christmas Party

Christmas parties can be fun for you to put together and for your guests to enjoy. Find some of the best Western Christmas décor and games for your party. Set the tone with Christmas themed candles, serve delicious holiday treats with Christmas dishes, and even have some fun games for your guests to enjoy. You are sure to throw a fun Western Christmas party.

Western Christmas Dishes

Wild West Living Westward Ho PlatterAfter you have made some delicious treats for your Western Christmas party, set them out on some beautiful dishes. A "Westward Ho" Christmas Dinner Plate is a beautiful piece, perfect for any treats or snacks you have ready for the night. The matching "Westward Ho" Christmas Oval Platter is perfect for cookies or would make a great cheese and meat platter. Pair these platters together to contribute to your theme and keep it consistent. To keep your guests hungry for more, burn delicious-smelling holiday candles, like a "Christmas Cookie" 26 oz Candle. The wonderful smell is sure to keep your guests hungry throughout the night and wanting something sweet.

Wild West Christmas christmas tree mug and coasterA Western Christmas part isn’t complete without some holiday drinks to enjoy. Your guests can enjoy drinks in dishes like a Deer Mug and Coaster, Cardinal Mug and Coaster, and Tree Mug and Coaster. Each of these sets is incredibly festive, with fun designs and colors to really get your guests into the Christmas spirit. They will liven up your Western Christmas party for your guests. Find the perfect Western Christmas dishes for your Western Christmas party. You are sure to keep the spirit of Christmas alive at your party this year with so many festive options.

Western Christmas Games

Keep your Western Christmas party lively with various games for everyone, young or old. Due to so many different card games, use some Western Horse Playing Cards to keep the fun going. Get one deck to play one large game or buy multiple to have many games going on. Monopoly can be a fun game at any age, available in many different themes. For your Western Christmas party, bring out Christmas-opoly or Farm-opoly. The different themes allow for a fun time and something new with each game.Wild West Living Christmas-opoly

For the ones who prefer a calmer activity, try some beautifully detailed Western puzzles. The "Reluctant For Progress" Jigsaw Puzzle is a gorgeous puzzle once complete, with a running horse carriage alongside a moving train. A "Mountain Hideaway" Jigsaw Puzzle shows a relaxing cabin scene, with a fish jumping for a snack. Whichever puzzle you choose, you are sure to provide many different options for those who prefer a calmer activity and stick to your Western theme for your party.

Get the perfect games for your Western Christmas party and for all your guests to enjoy. They are sure to have fun at your event.

Start Planning Your Western Christmas Party

You still have some time – start planning your Western Christmas party for this year. Display your delicious food on some beautiful dishes, set the tone with Christmas candles, and provide some fun activities for your guests. With all these different things, you are sure to throw the best Western Christmas party.