Western Furniture at Wild West Living

Wild West Living is proud to offer a variety of different furniture pieces for your Western home. From bar stools to rocking chairs to even kitchen work centers. You can find the perfect Western furniture piece for your home!

Western Bedroom Furniture

Wild West Living Palmer 6 Drawer Western DresserShop for Western furniture for your bedroom at Wild West Living. We have a collection of Palmer furniture that you can add to any bedroom. The Palmer Western Nightstand would be perfect next the bed, on either side. Keep a Western lamp, alarm clock, or a nightly book close to you in the evening. It has three drawers in it, providing extra storage space in your Western bedroom. Our Palmer Western Chest is a great addition to your bedroom, providing storage space for your clothing. This piece is taller, so it allows you to add it to your bedroom without taking up too much floor space. On the top surface, you can place a lamp, jewelry box, or anything else you want. If you have a larger space, the Palmer 6-Drawer Western Dresser is a wider dresser for your Western bedroom. It provides extra storage space for your clothing and the surface is wider, allowing you to keep more things on the top of it.

Wild West Living Western Double Drawer Antique Table NightstandIf you want a more unique bedroom nightstand, check out our Western Double Drawer Antique Table/Nightstand. This nightstand is made of pine, with beautiful colors that are sure to pop in your Western bedroom. Add to your Western bed with a beautiful Western Embroidered Barbwire Antiquated Faux Leather Headboard. The barbwire borders this beautiful headboard and faux leather. It is an elegant Western furniture piece that is sure to compliment not only your bed, but your Western bedroom as a whole.

Find the perfect Western furniture for your bedroom, whether it is a new nightstand or headboard.

Kitchen Western Furniture

Wild West Living Deluxe Food Prep CenterWild West Living has many different work centers for your kitchen. They provide extra storage space and workspace, which can especially come in handy around the holidays. A Grand Work Center has surface space for prepping meals, towel racks, and even storage space at the bottom for holding pots, pans, or any other dishes you may need. This work center is mobile, which allows you to move it where you need and keep it out of the way. If you need a little bit more space, then our Deluxe Food Prep Center will give you just that. On the bottom, there are two shelves for storage, a towel rack, and on each side is a drop leaf. Each drop leaf provides more surface space for you to work on, which is never a bad thing, and they also stay out of the way when you don’t need them. This work center also has ‘S’ hooks for you to hang things on and keep out of your way when not in use. With this work center, you have more storage space and work space that you can roll around and/or park in your kitchen.

Wild West Living Boots Western BarstoolIf you need a place to keep the wine bottles, that isn’t your kitchen counter, then check out our 36 Bottle Wine Rack. Keep all the wine in one place and off any valuable surface space. This wine rack also has a small utility drawer that you can use and the top surface of it is perfect for small meal or snack prep. For your island or kitchen bar, add some "Boots" Western Barstools for some extra seating. With the padded seat, people are sure to sit comfortable on this barstool, with a pair of cowboy boots and barbwire printed on it. You can talk to your guests while you prep meals, your guests will be comfortable, and there will always be a place to sit.

Find the perfect Western furniture for your kitchen and improve the space with more seating or even a work center.  

Outdoor Western Furniture

Wild West Living Pine Adirondack Chair with Cup HolderFind all sorts of outdoor Western furniture for your outdoor Western space. For yourself and your guests, gather around in Pine Adirondack Chair with Cup Holder. Everyone can enjoy a drink, sit back, and relax around a fire pit in a large chair. They are crafted from solid Pine, with a smooth curved back. For a more relaxing seat, our Eucalyptus Somerset Glider is sure to relax you as you sit outside, enjoying the weather. It is an ideal Western furniture piece for a porch, patio, or deck, with a contoured seat for extra comfort. This gilder is made of Eucalyptus which is an excellent hardwood for outdoor use.

Wild West Living Solid Oak Porch SwingFor more of a lift, install a Solid Oak Porch Swing on your back or front porch. Relax outside and read a book, have a drink, or just enjoy being outside while you rock back and forth on this swing. Add a couple of Western Horseshoe and Star Folding Metal Chairs and a Western Metal Horseshoe Folding Table to your porch to create a cute look. You can sit at this table, enjoy some coffee or tea and read a book or you can sit with a friend to catch up. Luckily you can fold them up and move them around your outdoor space or even store them away during bad weather.

Wild West Living is proud to offer a variety of outdoor Western furniture for your space.

Find Your Western Furniture

Whether it is for your bedroom, kitchen, or outdoor space, Wild West Living has a lot of different Western furniture for you to choose from. Bring your Western space together with the perfect piece.