Western Home Décor

When you are decorating your space, it can be fun to find different décor pieces. If you want a Western theme, Wild West Living has a variety of pieces that would complete your room. From wall décor to lighting to even smaller accent pieces – you can find the perfect Western home décor for any part of your home.

Décor for Your Walls

Wild West Living Western Metal Star with 5 Point Boot DesignThere is a variety of Western décor you can add to your walls in your home. A unique piece is our 2 Horse Heads on a Wagon Wheel Wall Decor. This a 3-D piece, with the horse heads popping from your wall. It contains beautiful and intricate details and is sure to become an excellent addition to your walls. If you like metal art for your wall, then a piece like our "Companions" Western Boot and Dogs Metal Wall Art could be perfect. This western wall art piece showing a couple of dogs playing with a set of cowboy boots will spruce up any wall in any Western setting. Western stars are perfect for a Western themed home, so why not add a Western Metal Star with 5 Point Boot Design? This Western star has a beautiful design to it, with many colors that really compliment each other. It is sure to brighten up your walls and really draw eyes to it.

Wild West Living Pendulum Western Metal Wall ClockClocks can be great Western décor pieces for your home. You can find some fun clocks to add to your wall that won’t look so standard. The Pendulum Western Metal Wall Clock is a unique clock, with a fun Rodeo scene on it. The pendulum can be customized with a variety of different Western designs. Another fun clock is our Western Shotgun Shell Clock; shotgun shells are a big part of a Western home. It has a fun design that is sure to add a fun element to your Western wall. For a more Southwestern touch to your home, the Western "Spurs" Ceramic Wall Clock can bring that to your wall. It has a pair of spurs in the center and is hand-made, hand-fired, and hand-painted.

You can find the perfect Western home décor pieces for your walls, whether it is a piece of art or a clock.

Light Up Your Home

Wild West Living Double Gun Table LampLamps can be fun décor pieces for any and every room in your home; find a great Western lamp for your bedroom, office, or living room. Our Western Running Horses Metal Lantern Lamp is a great lamp for any space. It has an “Old West” feel to it and the horses are almost running around it. Another unique and fun Western lamp for your home is the Industrial-Style Decorative LED Lamp - Caged Bronze. Carry it to any room it is needed and light that space up with this fun-looking lamp. For a simpler lamp, the Double Gun Table Lamp is just what your side table or nightstand needs. The crossing pistols on a faux wooden base are sure to brighten up your Western space. The right Western lamp is sure to be the right Western home décor to brighten up and Western room.

Western Accents

When you want to find some smaller Western accents to add to any space in your home, try our Cabinet Hardware. With so many different, fun Western shapes to choose from, you can find just the right pieces to add to your bathroom or kitchen cabinets or even to your nightstands and side tables in your living room or bedroom. You can mix and match different Western designs or you can choose only one design for your space.

Wild West Living Christian Cowboy Small Accent PillowAccent pillows are another great way to add Western accents to your Western home. Add them to your bed or your couch to complete the space. Pillows like our Christian Cowboy Small Accent Pillow are sure to draw your eye to it and the text; “Cowboy by birth, Christian by the Grace of God”. The text along with the cowboy silhouette will add the smaller Western touch your couch or bed was missing. A more fun accent pillow is the "Barrel Racer" Western Burlap Accent Pillow. The barrel racer on the burlap cover really comes to life on this pillow; they seem to almost jump off the canvas. This piece of Western home décor is incredibly lifelike, with beautiful intricate details. If you need an accent pillow that can go with any Western theme you have in your home, a "Fleur de Lis" Western Square Accent Pillow would be perfect. The chocolate brown is a neutral color that is sure to compliment your space, with smaller touches of turquoise.

Wild West Living "The Kiss" Western Horse ArtIf your kids’ rooms or playrooms need some Western home décor, Wild West Living has plenty of options for them as well. Decorate the walls with beautiful art, like our "Little Boy Blue" Western Framed and Matted Art Print or the "The Kiss" Western Horse Art. Both images involve a child and their horse, a wonderful relationship. They both have lifelike details that are sure to brighten up any child’s room. Another way to light up the room is with nightlights, like a Horse Saddle Night Light. Even though it is small, attention went into the details of the flowers and the saddle itself. Cast away any dark shadows with the comfort of a Western Cast Iron Cowboy LED Light, portraying a cowboy and his child. The combination of light and the relationship between a cowboy and their child is sure to light up any kids’ room.

There are many different ways you can add Western accents to your Western home, whether you want accent pillows, cabinet hardware, or even something for a kids’ room.

Decorate Your Western Home Today

With so many different Western home décor to choose from, you can create the perfect Western home. Whether you need to dress up your walls, light up a room, or add some Western accents, Wild West Living has just what your home is missing. Check out our store and find what you need.