Western Horseshoe Art

Wild West Living offers a variety of different pieces of Western horseshoe art. From functional pieces to those that are just beautiful to look at, there are many different pieces to choose from. If your Western home is missing something, check out the collection we have available.

Functional Horseshoe Art

Wild West Living Horseshoe with Star Paper Towel HolderOur Genuine Horseshoe Wine and Wine Glasses Holder is a beautiful piece, perfect for your kitchen. This great piece can hold 8 bottles of your favorite wine and two wine glasses. Don’t hide your wine away, display it proudly in this functional piece of Western horseshoe art. Another great piece of Western horseshoe art for your kitchen is the Horseshoe with Star Paper Towel Holder. This durable piece uses horseshoes for the base and is accented with Western stars, a well-known Western symbol. Not only will this keep your paper towels in one spot, but it will also spice up your kitchen with an intricate Western touch.

Wild West Living Western Genuine Horseshoe Tractor Seat StoolIf you have a bar or are just looking to add some extra seats in your gathering space, check out the Western Genuine Horseshoe Tractor Seat Stool we carry! It is constructed of horseshoes that have been painted black, with a red seat and foot rest. This durable chair is sure to make fun seats for a bar or kitchen island or even for a backyard gathering. If your living room, office, or bedroom night stand is in need of a new lamp, then consider the Western Horseshoe table lamp. This lamp is durable, which makes it perfect for your Western home. It will provide light and serve as a great piece of Western horseshoe art.

Wild West Living has many different pieces of functional Western horseshoe art. Whether you need something for your kitchen or for your outdoor space, check out the collection!

Decorative Western Horseshoe Art

Wild West Living American Flag Welded Horseshoes Wall ArtIf you prefer Western horseshoe art that is more decorative than functional, then check out the other pieces we have available. The American Flag Horseshoe Wall Art is a beautiful piece. The creative design features 4 rows of welded horseshoes painted with red and white stripes to form the body of the flag. A flat blue metal star plate positioned in the upper left corner and welded to the painted horseshoes completes the design. This would look great in any home. The "Cowboy Shootout" Horseshoe Art is a smaller, fun piece of Western Horseshoe art. This Colorado crafted horseshoe piece will make a great conversation piece. It features two gunfighters crafted from genuine horseshoes.

Wild West Living Horseshoe PumpkinThe Horseshoe Pumpkin we carry is perfect for fall and Halloween. This pumpkin won’t get smashed or rot away – it will last for years to come! Set it out on your porch, keep it on your table as a centerpiece, or place it anywhere else in your Western home. This Western take on the pumpkin is perfect for any Western space! To show your love for someone, consider the Horseshoe Hearts Western Art for your home. The hearts in this piece bow out with a horseshoe base and are entwined. This Western horseshoe art piece is strong and durable, just like the love you have, which makes it a perfect gift!

If your home is missing that special something, check out the different Western horseshoe art that Wild West Living carries.

Find Your Western Horseshoe Art

Browse the different Western horseshoe art that Wild West Living is proud to carry. You can find pieces that are functional for your home or you can find decorative pieces for any Western space.