Western Jewelry

Jewelry can be a wonderful gift for a special someone, especially around the holidays. Make sure you find the perfect piece of Western jewelry for your loved one. Choose from rings, bracelets, earrings, or even watches. There are numerous beautiful designs that you can choose from that would be best for your loved one.


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Sometimes when you find the most beautiful pieces, it may be hard to choose just a necklace or just some earrings. When you find the right pieces, why not buy the set? We have so many beautiful Western Jewelry sets that are sure to be perfect accessories for your loved one’s wardrobe. If you think they would like a simpler set, the Western Silver, Crystal, & Filigree Wagon Wheel Set would be a good choice. The wagon earrings and necklace would really pop, with the crystals and silver filigree. The Western Patina Feather Necklace & Earrings is another simple, yet very beautiful, Western jewelry set. The turquoise stone really pops against the silver chain and patina feather. The feather on the necklace and the ones that make up the earrings are gorgeous accents. This set is simple, yet it makes a statement.Wild West Living Western Jewelry

If they would prefer bolder Western jewelry sets that are sure to help them make a statement, sets like a Western Hot Pink/Silver Native American Style Necklace and Earrings would be beautiful. The pink would really pop, with the matching earrings, and draw your eye. The Western Hematite & Crystal Dangle Necklace and Heart Earrings is another beautiful set. It is perfect for a night out or any other special occasion. Another bold and fun Western jewelry set is the Western Motif Necklace with Feather Earrings. The simple feathers pair well with the beautiful necklace, that consists of other various Western symbols, like a gun, cowboy hat, and star.

Wild West Living Western Jewelry    Wild West Living Western Jewelry

No matter the style, you are sure to find the perfect Western jewelry set for the special loved one in your life. Whether you need simple or bold, or maybe a combination of the two, you are sure to find it.


Wild West Living Western Jewelry   Wild West Living Western Jewelry   Wild West Living Western Jewelry

Rings can be beautiful accessories. There are a variety of Western rings to choose from, for both men and women, depending on who you are shopping for. A Barbed Wire Solitaire Western Ring is a beautiful Western ring. It is a delicate silver band with a simple crystal stone in the center, drawing your attention to the barb wire details. Another unique Western ring is the Antiqued Silver Rose-Arie Ring. A beautiful crystal stone sits in the center of the silver rose, with a textured silver band. It is unique and sure to make a statement for your loved one. The Western Blue Sparks Fashion Ring by Wrangler is a unique Western ring. The oblong turquoise stone is accented will by the teardrop rhinestone next to it. Because of the opening between each stone, it is a one-size-fits-all kind of ring. This is a great ring for a casual day, a day at the office, or even a special event.

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If you want the special man in your life to have a special ring, there are a variety of unique designs you can choose from. A Western Silver Triple Cross Band is a ring that emphasizes one’s faith. The triple crosses really pop against the unique texture of the ring. The Western Deco Silver Filigree Ring has a lot of beautiful designs against a hand-painted black. The silver filigree is unique and is sure to make a statement. A simple, yet bold, ring for the special guy in your life is a Western Gold & Silver Twisted Band. The gold makes up the majority of the ring but it is still accented by the silver drops along the top and bottom. It is a ring that is sure to make a statement at a special event.

Wild West Living Western Jewelry

With so many different designs, you are sure to find the perfect ring for the special man or woman in your life.

Bracelets and Watches

Wild West Living Western Jewelry   Wild West Living Western Jewelry

Bracelets and watches are perfect accessories for your wrist. The Adjustable Horse Bracelet with Crystals is an elegant piece. The horse in the center is accented by horseshoes and crystals, which really pop. For work or a casual day, the "Horse of a Different Color" Bracelet is a perfect piece. The horses really look like they are running on your wrist. The alternate gold and silver horses make them stand out from each other. A Western 45 Auto Silver Shotgun Shell Bracelet is a great casual bracelet. Wear it at home or while you are out and about, with any outfit; the silver shells make it a bracelet that will go great with anything. For a day at the office or a special event, the Western True Blue Wildflower Spray Cuff Bracelet is a perfect piece. The Sapphire blue stones really pop against the flowers and the filigree on this S-shaped cuff.

Wild West Living Western Jewelry   Wild West Living Western Jewelry

Watches can be beneficial because at any time can you look down and check the time. For the special lady in your life, a Western Peaceful Movement Feather Link Band Watch would be a beautiful gift. It allows her to adjust it to best fit her and the feathers are elegant against the wrist. A Western Ladies' Filigree Cross Face Watch is another elegant watch, combining various Western designs like filigree and a gold cross. This watch is a bold piece, sure to make a statement while you are out at work or taking the day off. A Two Tone Cross Gentleman's Dress Watch would make a perfect gift for the special man in your life. The Southwestern designs surrounding a cross on each side of the watch. The brown leather is beautiful for a day at work or a special night out. The Western Leather Flag Watch is a vintage looking watch with a distressed look. It is a unique watch to wear daily at work and on your days off.

Choose from a variety of beautiful and unique Western watches for the special one in your life.

Find the Perfect Piece

With so many beautiful Western jewelry pieces available, you are sure to find the perfect one for a loved one. Choose from a variety of Western designs and find the perfect necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet, or watch. Just in time for the holidays!