Western Mudrooms

Your mudroom does not have to be a basic room where you do the laundry and pile up the dirty shoes. Spice up your mudroom with some beautiful Western pieces so it can match the rest of your Western home. From beautiful Western light fixtures to even Western décor pieces, you can really remodel your mudroom to look absolutely beautiful.

Mudroom Lighting

Wild West Living Rodeo Western Ceiling LightAt Wild West Living, you can find some fun Western light pendants for your Western mudroom. The Rodeo Western Ceiling Light is a fun Western light fixture, with unique Western accents. Hang this fixture in your mudroom and you have a beautiful Western light that is sure to brighten up your space. A Tin Washer Double Pendant Ceiling Lamp is another unique Western light fixture for your Western mudroom. This unique light pendant is adapted from a vintage manual agitator clothes washer from about 1895. Hang this light fixture directly in the middle of the ceiling and light up your Western mudroom in a unique way.

Wild West Living Western Copper Funnel Pendant LampIf you prefer to keep your light fixtures simple for your Western mudroom, consider a Sifter Grey Pendant Light. This is a simple Western light yet, it is sure to light up your mudroom and add a subtle Western touch to it. The Western Copper Funnel Pendant Light is another beautiful, Western light fixture. Hang it in your Western mudroom to add the lighting it needs, all while keeping it simple and beautiful. Copper and Grey are sure to go with any Western mudroom.

Whether you want a fun Western light fixture or a simple one, you are sure to find the perfect one for your Western mudroom. Choose from a variety of fixtures to best complete your space.    

Western Mudroom Rugs

Wild West Living Western Wagon Wheel RunnerA Western rug can be perfect for your Western mudroom. Whoever comes in there can wipe their feet and you can keep your floors dry from wet shoes. The Western Wagon Wheel Runner is a unique rug, with a bold and beautiful golden yellow color. The stars and wagon wheels really pop from this rug. This is a perfect rug for a Western mudroom with a lot of floor space. Another great, large Western rug for your mudroom is the "Boots" Wicker Weave Jute Runner. This rug is made of durable material, making it perfect for a mudroom that sees some dirty shoes. It is sure to keep your mudroom floors clean from any of the outdoor elements and bring a Western touch to your Western mudroom.

Wild West Living Two Horse Heads Jute Oval RugIf your mudroom is smaller, but you still want a rug, try a Two Horse Heads Jute Oval Accent Rug. Even if your floor gets a little dirty, you can keep dirty shoes on it. The horse heads add a small Western touch to not only the rug but your Western mudroom as well. The Stars Oval Hand Painted Patch Rug is another great smaller rug for your mudroom. The Western stars really pop against this jute rug. It will help keep your floors clean, holding your shoes at the end of the day. It also provides a space to step to avoid slipping when it is wet outside. This rug is durable and easy to clean, helping you to keep your Western mudroom clean.

Whether you need a long rug or a smaller rug, you are sure to find the perfect Western rug for your Western mudroom.

Mudroom Décor

Wild West Living Corrugated Metal Divided Caddy with HandleYour mudroom does not have to be boring – add some fun Western décor pieces to it! Perfect for you to stand on in front of the washer, a Farm Life Memory Foam Rug would look great in your Western mudroom. For your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets, you can keep it all organized with a Corrugated Metal Divided Caddy with Handle. It has 4 sections to hold all your things and help keep your laundry room organized. If you need more space, a Three Tier Metal Standing Shelf is sure to provide more space for your laundry room items. It will help you to keep everything organized and add a Western touch to your mudroom.

Wild West Living Home Small Round Wood SignIf you prefer to keep cleaning supplies and other larger items in your mudroom, the Set of Three Rustic Corrugated Metal Bins with Wood Handles would be perfect. You can sort these bins throughout your Western mudroom to either decorate your space or to hold whatever you need. The "Home" Small Round Wood Sign is a beautiful décor piece, which would really spice up your Western mudroom. It is sure to add a beautiful Western touch to your mudroom without going over the top. Another great Western décor piece for your Western mudroom would be a Windmill Wall Decor. This piece would look great on your wall and is sure to add the perfect Western touch to your space. It is a simple piece, yet bold.

Pull your Western mudroom together with various décor pieces. You can find just what your space is missing and complete your mudroom.

Design Your Western Mudroom

Your mudroom does not have to be boring – it can be a beautiful Western space. Find the perfect Western pieces that your mudroom is missing and transform it. Whether you want to create a subtle Western space or a bold one, Wild West Living has just what you are looking for.