Western Weddings: The Cake

When it comes time to plan your Western wedding, there are so many different ways you can decorate. Because this is your big day, you want to make sure you find everything you want and different ways you can bring your vision to life. From small details like the cake toppers to larger details like the cake itself, you can find just what you want your Western wedding to have.

Cake Toppers

Wild West Living Two Trails Become One Road Western Cake TopperYour cake topper might seem like a small detail for your Western wedding, but it can really tie your cake together. Your Western wedding cake can be incredibly beautiful, with various Western aspects to it. Add to the Western details with a beautiful "First Love" Western Wedding Cake Topper. This beautifully detailed cake topper shows the love between a cowboy and a cowgirl, leaning in for a kiss. If you want to show your journeys coming together, add our "Two Trails Become One Road" Western Cake Topper to your Western wedding cake. What better day than your wedding day to show how you and your loved one’s separate trails are coming together to become one road that you will walk together? This beautiful antiqued silver cake topper has lifelike, intricate details that are sure to add to your amazing Western wedding cake. Keep your wedding cake classic with our "Head Over Heels" Western Cake Topper. This antiqued bronze classic Western designed cake topper displays the love you have for your spouse. The design also keeps your Western wedding classic and is sure to add a beautiful touch to your Western wedding cake.

The cake topper can be a significant piece for your Western wedding cake. Find the right one for your cake, and really tie your Western wedding together.

Western Wedding Cakes

Once you find the perfect cake topper that you would like to have on your Western wedding cake, it is time to figure out the cake you would like to have. For a Western wedding, there are a lot of different designs you can choose from, or even combine, to match the Western theme you are going for. If you prefer a simple Western design, then a cake featuring beautiful rope fondant, barbed wire, and carved initials can give you just that for your big day. This cake is simple, yet it is sure to add a classic Western touch to your classic Western wedding. Another simple, yet classic, Western wedding cake design can consist of bold and beautiful sunflowers. Your cake can consist of simple Western elements like burlap and lace so when you add some bright sunflowers, you can keep a simple and classic design that is still rustic – perfect for your classic Western wedding.

If you prefer bolder Western designs for your Western wedding, you can find some amazing Western cake designs. A split cake can be perfect for both the bride and groom. Dedicate one half to the bride, with lace, paisleys, or flowers, and dedicate the other half to the groom with darker colors, barbed wire, or barrels. If you want a naked cake for your Western wedding, but want to make it bold, you can do just that in many different ways. Add fruit or floral designs to your naked rustic Wedding cake. That can add beautiful Western details to your cake and really transform it for your Western wedding. Go big with your wedding cake, by choosing bold Western designs that are sure to compliment your Western wedding.

Whether you want classic and simple or classic and bold, you can find the perfect Western design for your Western wedding cake.

Create Your Western Wedding Cake

With a beautiful cake topper and a beautiful cake design, your Western wedding is sure to come together. Add the Western details you love the most to your wedding cake so that your Western wedding is absolutely perfect. The cake can be a big part of your big day, so create the perfect design that is sure to add to your Western wedding.