Western Weddings: The Rings

When you are looking at rings for your big day, don’t choose the most common design. Check out all of the beautiful and unique Western wedding rings we have available. Find the one that is sure to speak to you and match your style.

Western Wedding Rings

Wild West Living Sterling Lane Two Trails Become One Road RingIf you are looking for the perfect Western wedding ring, Wild West Living has many different ones that could be perfect for you. The Sterling Lane Two Trails Become One Road Ring is a sterling silver ring with a unique look. This ring has a rope design to the band, running up to the Cushion cut stone that sits at the top. Another one of our gorgeous Western wedding rings is the Sterling Lane Infinity Wild Rose Ring. This ring has a vintage touch to it, with intricate detailing along the band. It consists of small roses and leaves, leading up to the beautiful multi-faceted Zirconia in the center. With this ring, you are sure to have a romantic touch of the Wild West with you always.

Wild West Living Sterling Lane Turquoise Rope RingThe Sterling Lane Infinity Times Three Ring is an absolutely gorgeous ring. On either side of this it is a bright rope design, representing the Wild West, and it wraps around the base of each stone also. This ring represents good fortune and happiness, along with the eternal bonds that will lead you through life. For a more unique Western wedding ring, the Sterling Lane Turquoise Rope Ring delivers just that. This sterling silver band is designed like a coiled rope, that gets thicker in size as it goes up the ring. It leads up to the beautiful rectangle-shaped turquoise cabochon in the center.

Choose from many different beautiful ring designs for your Western wedding.

Western Wedding Bands

Wild West Living Sterling Lane Wildflower Melody RingWild West Living is proud to offer many beautiful and unique wedding bands. The Sterling Lane Wildflower Melody Ring is a beautiful band, with wildflowers and leaves wrapped around your finger. This sterling silver band has some light antiquing that adds an heirloom quality to it. Another beautifully detailed band is our Sterling Lane Wild Rose Anniversary Band. This sterling silver band consists of ample details, with leaves and wild roses all around it. The inner edge of this ring is lined with microbeads, running the full length.

Wild West Living Sterling Lane Eternally Yours Pure Anniversary BandThe Sterling Lane Eternally Yours Pure Anniversary Band consists of fifteen classic round Zirconia stones. Microbeads outlines the inner edge of this ring, giving it a unique look. If you prefer a thicker band, then our Sterling Lane Sheridan West Band could be perfect for you. This wide band is sterling silver, engraved with a Sheridan leather carving design. It elegantly flows around your finger. This band is perfect for the bride OR groom and is sure to add a little romance of the West to your finger.

Find the perfect Western wedding band for you or your spouse at Wild West Living. We have many different beautiful designs for you to choose from.

Find Your Western Ring

At Wild West Living, we are pleased to offer a variety of unique Western wedding rings and wedding bands for you and your spouse. Check out all of the different styles to choose from and find the ones that fit you the best.