• Old Guns of the Old West

    Let’s take a trip back in time. We are going to check out the guns that many well-known men and women used in the Old West. These old guns of the Old West were carried by outlaws, soldiers, and other icons that we know and admire today.
  • Sierra Slate Images

    Wild West Living is proud to offer a variety of beautiful Western slate art by Shlomo Shuval. The Sierra Slate images come from a process that transfers photos to slate, which makes each piece unique. The subjects of many of the Sierra Slate images are dramatic photos from history, which means no two pieces are alike. 
  • Fun Facts of the Wild West

    The Wild West has always been depicted as rugged and action-packed, with cowboys who worked before the sun came up and after the sun went down. Various movies have shown their versions of various characters, shootouts, and robberies. There is always something new to learn about the Wild West, so check out five fun facts about the Wild West that we discovered.
  • Western Horseshoe Art

    Wild West Living offers a variety of different pieces of Western horseshoe art. From functional pieces to those that are just beautiful to look at, there are many different pieces to choose from. If your Western home is missing something, check out the collection we have available.
  • Western T-Shirts from Wild West Living

    With the nice Spring weather, it is time to break out the t-shirts. If you are in need of new ones for the new season, check out the different kinds we have available at Wild West Living. Our many Western t-shirt collections include “Faith”, “Cowboys Unlimited”, “Cowgirls Unlimited”, and even “Horses”. With so many different designs to choose from, you can revamp your Spring/Summer wardrobe.
  • Western Family Fun

    Add some Western board games or puzzles to your family fun night. We have many different Western puzzles that you can choose from and the different versions of Monopoly are sure to keep you and your family entertained. Bring some Western fun to your family game nights!
  • Wild West Living Registries

    Whether you are getting married or looking for a birthday gift, set up Wild West Living registries. Find the perfect Western decor items for your home or Western accessories. Tell your friends where to find you the perfect gift.
  • Men's Western Accessories

    Wild West Living offers a variety of different Western accessories for men. For different events, you can find accessories like checkbook covers, phone holders, and even pocket watches. Whatever you are looking for, Wild West Living has a variety of men’s Western Accessories for you to choose from.
  • Western Furniture at Wild West Living

    Wild West Living is proud to offer a variety of different furniture pieces for your Western home. From bar stools to rocking chairs to even kitchen work centers. You can find the perfect Western furniture piece for your home!
  • Western Weddings: The Rings

    When you are looking at rings for your big day, don’t choose the most common design. Check out all of the beautiful and unique Western wedding rings we have available. Find the one that is sure to speak to you and match your style.
  • Why We Do What We Do

     Why Do We Do What We Do? The outward facing reason is to provide our customers the best selection of western decor items at the best prices with t...
  • Western Camo Bedroom

    At Wild West Living, we are proud to offer a variety of camo items that are sure to help you create the perfect Western camo bedroom. We have two different designs to choose from, so you can pick the right one for your bedroom. Camo is a big part of Western décor, so find the best bedroom décor for your Western home.