(MRWW) Western Solid Pine Decorative Wagon Wheel - 18" Diameter

Western Solid Wood Decorative Wagon Wheel - 18" Diameter

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Western Solid Pine Decorative Wagon Wheel - 18" Diameter

Our wagon wheel features solid pine construction with a handsome walnut finish. The center hubs ship unattached so you can glue it or screw it on. (The screws are not included.) Our wheel comes complete with three drilled holes, making it easy to accommodate chains for hanging or for attaching to a wall with screws. 18" Diameter x 1" Thick

Dimensions: 18" Diameter x 1" Thick

Few things are as evocative of the Old West as the wagon wheel. When we think of wagon wheels in the popular imagination, we think of prairie schooners heading west across the plains as hopeful pioneers set out to follow their dreams in their search for new lands and new lives. Western wagon wheels also make us think of the trusty everyday Conestoga wagons used for hauling freight in the Old West as well as the wagon wheels of the chuck wagon that hungry, tired cowboys would gather around for a heaping plate of grub, a hot cup of cowboy coffee, and perhaps even a shot of soul-warming whiskey after a long day on the trail driving the doggies.

Watch the Past Come Alive

At Wild West Living, we know that the Western wagon wheel is an iconic symbol of the West, both old and new. That's why we offer the Western solid pine decorative wagon wheel to our customers. Measuring a generous 18" in diameter by 1 inch thick, this wagon wheel looks as authentic as if it just came off the trail. You can use this wagon wheel in many ways to decorate your home, your cabin, your campground or even your RV. Some folks have created amazing chandeliers with this wagon wheel that become the focal point of any social gathering and draw compliments from friends and guests. Others have used it as a convenient pot hanger to organize their kitchens. Many others simply mount it to a wall as a constant reminder of their love of the Old West and all the true grit it encompasses.