(AAPWH) "Wild Horses" Single 4- Piece Hand Crafted, Made in the USA, Western Stoneware Dinner Place Setting

"Wild Horses" Single 4- Piece Hand Crafted, Western Stoneware Dinner Single Place Setting (Made in the USA)

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"Wild Horses" Single Western Stoneware Dinner Place Setting


Impress your guests with our Wild Horses stoneware dinner set from Wild West Living that's handcrafted in Colorado. Each high-fired piece in this four-piece dinnerware set is handmade, which makes your heirloom-quality four-piece set truly unique. Collect one place setting at a time, or buy a set of four, eight or 12 four-piece settings. This lead-free stoneware is dishwasher safe, oven safe and microwave safe. Each place setting includes one 11 1/4-inch diameter dinner plate, one 8 1/4-inch diameter salad plate, a 7-inch by 3-inch bowl and one 4-inch-tall mug that's 4 inches in diameter. The design in earth tone colors is horses running wild against a Western backdrop of mountains and sky.

Each single place setting includes:

  • 1 Dinner plate 11-1/4" diameter
  • 1 Salad plate 8-1/4" diameter
  • 1 Bowl 7" diameter x 3" high
  • 1 Mug 4" diameter x 4" high
  • Ships in 4-6 weeks

    NOTE: This is a 4 piece set and not 16.

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