"Exhibit A" Warning Western Humorous Tin Sign

"Exhibit A" Warning Western Humorous Tin Sign

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"No Soliciting" Western Humorous Tin Sign

Keep unwanted sales people, varmints, and other visitors away with a healthy dose of humor when you post our humorous Western "Exhibit A" tin sign from Wild West Living. The words WARNING NO TRESSPASSING are in white on red at the top of the sign. The rest of the vertical sign is white with black edging and black and red letters.

The text reads:

"You quite possibly could get shot or hurt and then try to sue resulting in a long drawn out court battle.

You Will Lose.

Because the sign will be:


The sturdy tin go-away door sign is 12 inches wide and 17 inches long. It has rolled edges and a waterproof finish. Pre-punched corner holes make this funny Western sign easy to mount on a door or on a wall with your collection of other Western-theme signs with funny, faith-based and cowboy wisdom sayings.