(MFW94318) Cowboy Commandments Wall Sign

(MFW94318) Cowboy Commandments Wall Sign

SKU: MFW94318

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Cowboy Commandments Wall Sign

Brand new for 2011, this is a great sign to have around to remind us of the 10 Commandments, but in a "cowboy flair"
  • Just One God
  • Honor yer Ma & Pa
  • No Tellin' Tales or Gossipin'
  • Get Yourself to Sunday Meetin'
  • Put Nuthin' Before God
  • No Foolin' Around with Another Feller's Gal
  • No Killin'
  • Watch yer Mouth
  • Don't Take What Ain't Yers
  • Don't be Hankerin' fer yer Buddy's Stuff 11-3/4" Wide x 39-1/2" Tall Ships in 1-3 days