"Miners" Lantern Wall Sconce with Pick Axe & Gold Pan

"Miners" Lantern Wall Sconce with Pick Axe & Gold Pan

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"Miners" Lantern Wall Sconce with Pick Axe & Gold Pan


Custom hand-crafted electric lantern wall sconce is a great way to add a beautiful rustic touch to any decor.

This model features either a 13-inch or 15-inch authentic Dietz oil lantern, pick axe, and gold pan.

We use authentic Dietz oil lanterns, convert them to electric, add a bracket, and use the gold pan to cover the box for mounting them on your wall.

NOTE: If Galvanized or Copper finishes are selected, please note that the gold pan and pick axe are not available in those finishes. If either of those options are selected the lantern will be either Galvanized or Copper. 

Approx. size(s):
DX804-13: 15-inches wide x 14-inches tall x 10-inch projection.
DX804-15: 15-inches wide x 16-inches tall x 11-inch projection.

Approx. Weight(s):
DX804-13Approx. 20 lbs.
DX804-15: Approx. 23 lbs.

Bulb size(s) wattage(s):
DX804-131 candelabra-base light socket for which you can use a 20-watt, 40-watt, or 60-watt (maximum) bulb.
DX804-15: 1 standard-base light socket and we recommend up to a 100-watt bulb.
Wiring options:
Standard wiring is for direct wiring into an existing junction box on your wall, but we can also wire them with a cord and plug for plugging into an electrical outlet at no additional cost.