(MSA271S) A Cowboy's Standard Issue Belt Buckle by Montana Silversmiths

A Cowboy's Standard Issue Belt Buckle

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Cowboy's Standard Issue Belt Buckle 

A tribute to the Western way of life, this small oval shape Heritage Attitude Buckle is cast featuring a neat pile of western style boots, a cowboy hat and a pistol in a belt holster, over a background of the American stars and stripes flag brightly painted in shiny epoxy. Trimmed in antiqued twisted rope. The small size fits just wider than a standard belt strap, perfect for a subtle and confident style. Standard 1.5" belt swivel. 3-1/2" Wide x 2-1/2" Tall  

Materials: Zinc alloy base. Nickel and brass electroplate. Protective finish to prevent tarnishing.

Warranty: Attitude buckles have a 1 year limited warranty on manufacturing defects when accompanied by a receipt.