Solid Hardwood Rocking Chair with Cherry Finish (WWR06120)

Solid Hardwood Rocking Chair with Cherry Finish

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Solid Hardwood Rocker Cherry

This solid Parawood western rocking chair will look good in any room in the home. Finished in a warm cherry stain and topcoat. Some assembly required. 28" Wide x 31-1/2" Deep x 43" High WHAT IS PARAWOOD? Parawood is a hard wood that comes from the great rubber plantations of Malaysia. The density of parawood is comparable to that of Birch or Ash. Its strength is rated the same as Maple. Parawood is easy to finish and matches well with a variety of other woods. Once a rubber tree is no longer able to produce sufficient quantities of latex, it is cut for the process of making furniture and a new tree is planted in its place. This is an example of man's ability to fully utilize our natural resources, without harming the environment.