(TW-WHCOP) "Westward Ho Christmas" Oval Platter - 16"

"Westward Ho Christmas" Oval Platter - 16"

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"Home for Christmas" Oval Platter - 16"

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Westward Ho Oval Platter 16" Christmas pattern, perfect for serving turkey or ham or any large display of cookies or desserts. In 1990, True West began reproducing Westward Ho Rodeo China. By maintaining the quality and brand of True West Westward Ho, Boots & Saddle and Rodeo Patterns, we help ensure that you are investing in heirloom china of the future. Serious collectors seek out all of Till Goodan's work--not just the Westward Ho designed dinnerware lines. Till Goodan was a versatile artist whose love for the rodeo and the west was reflected in all of his work. Western decorated tablecloths, prints, calendars, postcards, and paintings make up the wide variety of collectibles designed by Till Goodan. Till Goodan's work is being recreated once again by TrueWest, with permission of his daughter, Betty Goodan Andrews, who retains sole control of the rights to her father's name and all of his work. Over the years, vintage Westward Ho china has steadily risen in value and is highly collectible. True West's Rodeo pattern is ideally suited for starting a new collection of heirloom-quality china. All pieces feature heavy roll rim design, are dishwasher and microwave safe, and as always, are Made in the U.S.