Wagon Wheel Chandelier with Hurricane Lights & Steel Rods/Hooks - Many Sizes to Choose From!

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Old Fashioned Wagon Wheel Chandelier with Uplights


This custom wagon wheel chandelier adds rustic atmosphere to any decor. The design features uplights mounted on wagon wheels hand-crafted from real hickory wood by the Amish of Ohio. They are brand-new wheels so you can be sure of their durability.
Your choice of mica or rawhide shades.  Call 1-800-597-3500 to let us know what shades you choose or leave a comment on your order.

Custom chain length:
We offer chain lengths in 3-feet increments. 

Bulb sizes & wattages:
On these chandeliers, we use standard-base light sockets and we recommend up to a 100-watt bulb.

Wiring options:
Standard wiring is for direct wiring into an existing junction box on your wall, but we can also wire them with a cord and plug for plugging into an electrical outlet at no additional cost.

We DO NOT recommend hanging chandeliers directly from your ceiling junction box. We recommend hanging them from a beam and swagging the chain/wire into the junction box.