• Wild West Living Registries

    Whether you are getting married or looking for a birthday gift, set up Wild West Living registries. Find the perfect Western decor items for your home or Western accessories. Tell your friends where to find you the perfect gift.
  • Men's Western Accessories

    Wild West Living offers a variety of different Western accessories for men. For different events, you can find accessories like checkbook covers, phone holders, and even pocket watches. Whatever you are looking for, Wild West Living has a variety of men’s Western Accessories for you to choose from.
  • Western Furniture at Wild West Living

    Wild West Living is proud to offer a variety of different furniture pieces for your Western home. From bar stools to rocking chairs to even kitchen work centers. You can find the perfect Western furniture piece for your home!
  • Western Weddings: The Rings

    When you are looking at rings for your big day, don’t choose the most common design. Check out all of the beautiful and unique Western wedding rings we have available. Find the one that is sure to speak to you and match your style.
  • Western Camo Bedroom

    At Wild West Living, we are proud to offer a variety of camo items that are sure to help you create the perfect Western camo bedroom. We have two different designs to choose from, so you can pick the right one for your bedroom. Camo is a big part of Western décor, so find the best bedroom décor for your Western home.
  • Western Cross Wall Décor

    Wild West Living is proud to offer various pieces of Western Cross wall décor for your home or office. With these, you can find the best piece that compliments your Western space and really brighten it up. You can display your faith proudly with any cross and show it off for anyone who comes into your home to see.
  • Western Pillows

    Pillows can make perfect accents, for a living room, bedroom, or guest room. Whether you want to complete your Western bedding set or add some Western accents, you can find the perfect pillows for any space. Find the square pillows or the rectangular ones to highlight your Western space. Western pillows are the best way to add Western details to a space without going over the top, yet still adding beautiful Western colors and designs.
  • Western Bedding

    Why not spice up your Western bedroom with some beautiful Western bedding? Wild West Living is proud to carry bedding with many different colors and patterns. No matter what Western style you are going for, we have the right Western bedding for you. If you prefer bold Western patterns or bold Western colors, you can find both at Wild West Living.
  • Western Home Décor

    When you are decorating your space, it can be fun to find different décor pieces. If you want a Western theme, Wild West Living has a variety of pieces that would complete your room. From wall décor to lighting to even smaller accent pieces – you can find the perfect Western home décor for any part of your ho
  • Code of the Cowboy

    The Cowboy Code is a code of ethics that states how a cowboy lives their day to day life. It guides how they work, interact with other cowboys, and how they treat their livestock and horses. The Code has evolved over time, fitting every cowboy in every situation. There is no list you can find that will be more correct than another.
  • Western Weddings: The Cake

    When it comes time to plan your Western wedding, there are so many different ways you can decorate. Because this is your big day, you want to make sure you find everything you want and different ways you can bring your vision to life. From small details like the cake toppers to larger details like the cake itself, you can find just what you want your Western wedding to have.
  • Western Art on Wood

    Wood is always found throughout a rustic or farmhouse themed home, whether it is in the form of furniture, decoration, or even utensils. It can be very functional and can be transformed in so many different ways. One big way you can incorporate wood into your home is through art. Western art on wood can be very common throughout a Western home and it can be incredibly unique.