• Women's Western Wear

    Women’s western wear is not unique unto itself. It is a derivative of the men’s styles that originated in the 1800s. But as it has evolved, it has certainly taken on its own identity, and the lines and styles have indeed become quite feminine. Today’s women’s western wear, as modeled by country singers and rodeo performers, is, in fact, its own category of fashion.
  • Summertime in the West

    These summertime events create an atmosphere that inspires us to decorate for the season. With the fair or rodeo coming to town, it’s time to pull out the western décor or don your favorite western wear and to become part of the celebration of these great American traditions.
  • Living the Wild West Lifestyle In The Great Outdoors

    Decorating and accessorizing is not limited to the indoor living room or kitchen. The entire world outside is available and ready for you to decorate and enjoy.
  • Western Style Cell Phone Holders

    Once upon a time in the west. The cowboys and cowgirls of the old west didn’t have cellphones and they didn’t wear a phone holder on their belt. (C...
  • Belt Buckles

     Western Style Buckles Western-style buckles come in many shapes and designs but they generally fall into one of two primary categories. There are...
  • Western Luggage

    Many people travel during the summer months, taking vacation time and enjoying the sunny weather. If you are one of those people, check out the various Western luggage options that Wild West Living has available. From rolling luggage to duffel bags, we have a variety of luggage pieces that you can choose from that would best fit your traveling.
  • Horses of the Wild West

    Horses played a huge role in the development of the Wild West. They helped cowboys with various tasks on the farm, like moving cattle and pulling wagons. Without them, the West wouldn’t have thrived the way it did. Let’s check out all the different horses that helped the cowboys to build the Wild West and their history.
  • Wild West Towns

    There are many places across the country that can take you back in time to the Wild West. From Arizona and Wyoming to Colorado and Kansas, you can visit a variety of Western places. Check out these different Western towns you can visit to relive the days of outlaws and gunslingers.
  • Western Colors for Your Western Home

    With the nice weather, comes remodeling and redecorating. If you are looking to change up your Western home, then try changing up the colors of the walls and accents that you have. Adding some new colors to your space may be just what your Western home needs. With so many colors to choose from, you will never run out of inspiration.
  • Humorous Western Signs

    Add some humor to your Western home with some of our Western signs. We have many different fun and humorous Western signs for you to choose from. Whether you want to decorate a bedroom, living room, or even an office, Wild West Living has many different signs for you to choose from.  
  • Western Summer

    The temperatures are rising as Summer creeps up on us. Wild West Living is proud to offer a variety of clothing and accessories for a Western summer. From sunglasses to tank tops, check out all the different Western accessories you can get to get ready for summer.
  • Western Shadow Box Art

    The works of American artists Diane Whitehead and David Stoecklein are among the artworks celebrated with our Western shadow box art collection at Wild West Living. Framed panels and deep-set prints on canvas add depth to our shadow box art that captures the wild spirit and wild horses of the American West.