Western Colors for Your Western Home

With the nice weather, comes remodeling and redecorating. If you are looking to change up your Western home, then try changing up the colors of the walls and accents that you have. Adding some new colors to your space may be just what your Western home needs. With so many colors to choose from, you will never run out of inspiration.

Popular Western Colors

Reds and browns are popular Western colors for a Western home. However, with so many different shades, it can be impossible to choose the right ones. Rustic red is a beautiful shade for an accent wall or trim, especially in a living room. It goes great with colors like turquoise and brown. You can paint a wall brown with turquoise and/or red accents, creating a beautiful Western space. Sunset colors, like orange and yellow can be the perfect bright accents to add to your space. Whether you find a way to combine all of these colors or just choose a select few, your Western space is sure to look new and fresh

Wild West Living West Floral Resin Wall CrossAnother way to add these colors is by wall décor. After you have painted the walls the color of your choice, find various décor pieces for your wall. Check out décor such as Western Crosses or Western wall art, like stars or even longhorn skulls. Wild West Living is proud to carry a variety of colorful wall décor pieces that are sure to help you bring your new Western space together.

Unique Western Colors

There are some other unique Western colors that you can add to your Western space. Some unique colors are dusty rose, blue, and maroon. These seem like odd color choices for a Western space but, they do make great accent colors and can add a more feminine Western touch to your space. Colors like these can be perfect for bathrooms or even offices. You can use them on trim or to create Western designs like a chevron design, stars, or even paisleys. They can be inspirational for your Western space.

Redo Your Western Space

With the right colors, your Western space will look bright, beautiful, and fresh. Combine different colors through paint or wall décor and redo your Western space.