Western Shadow Box Art

The works of American artists Diane Whitehead and David Stoecklein are among the artworks celebrated with our Western shadow box art collection at Wild West Living. Framed panels and deep-set prints on canvas add depth to our Western-theme shadow box art that captures the wild spirit and wild horses of the American West. If you are looking for new home décor, check out the beautiful Western shadow box art we have available.

Colorful Western Shadow Box Art

Wild West Living "SUNDOWN" WESTERN BARNWOOD SHADOWBOX ARTIf you are looking to add some beautiful Western colors to your Western space, we have many different pieces for you to choose from. The "Sundown" Western Barnwood Shadow Box Art is a beautiful piece, with the beautiful colors of a sunset. It truly captures the true spirit of days end on the ranch or farm, with the windmill in the foreground. This Western shadow box art is also framed in barnwood and has a barbwire border, giving it a true Western touch for your Western home. Another work of art framed in barnwood and barbwire is the "Rearing Horse" Wall Art. This piece is strong and it perfectly captures the spirit of the Wild West, with the beautiful colors of the sunset emphasizing the rearing horse and cowboy.

Wild West Living "THREE HORSES" WESTERN SHADOW BOX ARTFor those who love horses, the "Running Horses" Shadow Box Art is a perfect piece. This particular piece has a different take on color, emphasizing the various brush strokes. The horses seem to pop from the frame, painted on a raised inner canvas mat. Another unique Western shadow box art piece is the "Three Horses" Western Shadow Box Art. With this piece, there are three canvases, with a horse on each. Each horse was painted with beautiful colors, which makes them really pop from this Western shadow box art piece.

You can add some beautiful Western colors to your Western home or office with one, or more, of these beautiful Western shadow box art pieces. Create a beautiful Western scene with these various unique pieces of art.

Black and White Western Shadow Box Art

Wild West Living "TRIO" WESTERN BARNWOOD SHADOW BOX ARTWestern shadow box art can still capture the spirit of the Wild West in black and white. Wild West Living has many different pieces to choose from that are sure to complete your Western space. The "Trio" Western Barnwood Shadow Box Art perfectly captures three cowboys and their horses. It shows how they work together and how prominent they are in the Wild West. Like the others, this piece is framed in barnwood and barbwire. Taking a different approach to the Wild West, the "Saddle Up" Barnwood Shadow Box Art shows some useful tools of the Wild West. It displays a saddle and a rope, which were useful when cowboys had to round up other animals when needed. It also displays the tools that many may use in rodeos today.

Wild West Living "ONE IS NEARER GOD'S HEART" WESTERN SHADOW BOX ARTMany of the Western shadow box art pieces that we carry have text on the beautiful images. One example is the "One is Nearer God's Heart" Western Shadow Box Art, that shows three cowboys and their horses running up a hill. Above the image, there is the text: “One is nearer God’s heart on a horse than anywhere on earth.” This piece is perfect for any Western space, as it ties together the Wild West and one’s faith. Perfect for a friend, the "True Friendship Is A Gift From God" Shadow Box Art displays two cowboys and their horses. With the text, this Western shadow box art makes a great gift for a loved one, serving a great reminder of the importance of friendship and where it comes from. It is perfect on a desk or hanging on a wall.

The black and white Western shadow box art perfectly capture the beauty and spirit of the Wild West. The beautiful details and shadows throughout each piece really pop and are sure to stand out in your Western space.

Find Your Piece of Art

Western shadow box art is very beautiful. With so many different designs to choose from, you can really bring together your Western space. Each artist works hard to create a unique piece, using the wildlife and nature of the Wild West as their inspiration.