Western Style Cell Phone Holders

Once upon a time in the west.

The cowboys and cowgirls of the old west didn’t have cellphones and they didn’t wear a phone holder on their belt. (Cowgirls didn’t carry purses, did they? …never saw Dale Evans with one.)

But anyway, they did wear another form of communication on their belt…in a leather holder. A .45 caliber device which communicated very well with anyone who might get in the way.

And now in the west.

Times have changed though, and today’s cowboy and cowgirl do have cellphones. What has not changed is the active lifestyle they have---constantly on the go.

Their cellphone goes with them wherever they go:climbing on horses, fences, Gator’s(that’s a JohnDeere Gator), or anything else that they feel needs to be climbed on or jumped on.

Unfortunately, the cellphone becomes a dilemma at times: Where to stick the dang thing so it doesn’t fall and break, or worse yet, get lost in the pasture somewhere.

Many a wrangler and wrangler-etteare on a first name basis with the manager of the local cellphone store…they see each other way too often.

Western Holiday Ideas.

With the Holidays rapidly approaching, put your favorite cowboy or cowgirl on your Christmas list. Help ease their financial burden by giving them a handsomely designed leather cellphone holder.

There are dozens of styles, designs, and sizes available. All crafted to not only make a fashion statement but to be totally functional as well.

There’s a classy, hand-tooled leather holder for just about any model of cellphone out there. The phone holders come in famous western brands such as Tony Lama. Justin, Twisted X, just to name a few.

With a belt clip-on and magnetic closures, the cellphone will be secure for any activity that comes along, even the occasional attempt to ride a bucking bronco.

A new leather cellphone holder for your loved one is the perfect way to say, “ here, you’ve spent enough money on your phones…now spend some on me for Christmas.”

Western Logic.

In all seriousness, today’s cellphones are a major investment for anyone. And, anyone who does live an active and mobile lifestyle knows that keeping track of the cellphone is a challenge at times.

A well-crafted, durable, and stylish western-style leather cellphone holder is a great gift and a smart idea to protect against losing such a valuable investment.