Western Summer

The temperatures are rising as Summer creeps up on us. Wild West Living is proud to offer a variety of clothing and accessories for a Western summer. From sunglasses to tank tops, check out all the different Western accessories you can get to get ready for summer.

Western Shirts & Sandals

Wild West Living American Pride Flip Flops with RhinestonesFor a casual day out or at home, sandals can be perfect for hot days. Show your pride for the country with the American Pride Flip Flops with Rhinestones. The Lonestar conchos on these sandals are sure to provide some bling to the beautiful patriotic design on these sandals. For an everyday shoe, check out the "Maggie" Ladies' Western Flip Flops By Blazin' Roxx. These Western sandals are black, with some bling to add a shine in your step. If brown is more your color, then the "Tanya" Ladies' Western Flip Flops By Blazin' Roxx could be for you. With a cross concho, these sandals are perfect for your day at home or out running errands.

Wild West Living "Catchfly" Navy Flip Flops with ArrowIf you prefer sandals without a heel, then check out our “Leanne” Western Rhinestone Cross Flip Flops in either brown or black. These sandals are flat, with beautiful rhinestone details throughout. For some more color to your wardrobe, the "Catchfly" Navy Flip Flops with Arrow can bring beautiful blues and arrows to your Western wardrobe. All of these Western sandals are causal, which make them perfect for your Western summer days.

Wild West Living "Reflective Horses" Western Ladies' Sequined Tank TopWith your Western sandals, pair a Western tank top to complete your Summer wardrobe. Our "Grazing Horses" Western Ladies' Sequined Tank Top is sure to shine. Against the beautiful Western sky are silhouettes of grazing horses. Another beautiful sequined tank top is the "Reflective Horses" Tank. A beautiful brown horse sits against a sunset, that seems to look like camouflage at the top of the tank. Complete your Western Summer wardrobe with a sequined tank and Western sandals.

Summer Accessories

Wild West Living WESTERN SUNGLASSES WITH DIAMOND TOPAZ CONCHOS - BROWNAdd some Western accessories to your Western Summer wardrobe, like some Western sunglasses. For a floral look, the Western Sunglasses with Diamond Topaz Conchos - Brown have a beautiful pattern on the frame, with a topaz and CZ stones in the shape of a flower. If you want to add a unique Western touch to your wardrobe, check out the Western Ladies' Sunglasses with Silver Revolver Conchos. A revolver stands out on the frame of these glasses, with various rhinestones to add some bling to your face. For a simpler look, try the Western Ladies' Sunglasses with Leopard Print. These simple Western sunglasses are sure to go with any Western summer outfit, making the perfect accessory.

Wild West Living Western Beaded Star Shaped HeadbandAnother great Western summer accessory is a Western headband. The Western Beaded Star Shaped Headband has a repeating pattern of multi colored seed beads in a star shaped pattern. It is a fun headband for festivals, carnivals, or even nights around a bonfire. The Southwestern Turquoise Beaded Drop Coin Headband is another fun Western accessory for your Summer wardrobe. This one-size-fits-all headband is sure to add a fun touch to your wardrobe, whether you are out and about or having some Summer fun. Add a beautiful pop of color to your Summer days with the Western Saddle Blanket Multi-Colored Headband. This multi colored headband features saddle blanket fabric. There is elastic banding in the back for added comfort.

Whether it is sunglasses or headbands, you can find the perfect Western accessory for your Western summer wardrobe.

Find Your Western Summer Outfit

Wild West Living is proud to offer a variety of Western clothing and accessories for the upcoming Summer. No matter what you plan on doing, Wild West Living has what your Western Summer may need.