(RMP-CP2001) "No Place Like Home" Western Framed Canvas Print

"No Place Like Home" Western Framed Canvas Print

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"Sorrel" Western Framed Canvas Print

Brand new for 2014 comes this amazing inspirational art piece called a "Giclee"(pronounced Zhe-Clay). The Giclees are all printed in house using our new state of the art plotter. With high resolution printers, richness of color and depth make reproductions virtually indistinguishable from original artwork. Giclee images have all the tonality and hues of the original work of art and the museum-quality archival images are color stable for one-hundred years. Archival inks are designed to resist fading and the chemical composition allows the ink to hold fast to the printed surface, creating a beautiful picture that will be enjoyed for years. Dimensions are canvas size. Artist: Clark Kelly Price