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The Western slate art of Shlomo Shuval is now on sale at Wild West Living. Our Sierra Slate art by Shuval invented a process to transfer photo images to sale, and he relies primarily on dramatic photographs from history as his illustrations. Because of the unique nature of the process, no two art pieces are alike. Themes include his capture of the beauty of horses, the serene scenes of cowboys on horseback along rivers and the energy of bronco riders in the arena. The images appear to be engraved on the rock, giving each artwork unique contours, shading and a 3-D look and feel. Your Sierra Slate art is also an Earth-friendly choice, since no petrochemicals or toxins are used to create this vivid art on rock. The works can be displayed on home, office or art store walls with or without frames, or you can display each on a handsome metal stand included with your purchase.

Just choose from the images below (the finished slate piece shown directly below gives you the idea of the look) and the size you would like and you will receive your slate image in 3-5 weeks.

Or, if you would like to use a photo of your own, please call us at 1-800-597-3500 for a quote. Your photo will be returned with your shipped item. See Custom Photo Slate Image below. Read More...