(TN54024) "End of Trail" Western Sculpture Large

"End of Trail" Western Sculpture - 14"

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"End of Trail" Western Large Sculpture 

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Bring home a piece of history with the End of Trail Western Sculpture. The large bronze electroplated resin sculpture captures the spirit and sadness of the ever popular End of Trail moment. The design features a Native American on horseback carrying a spear. The figure is slumped over with their face obscured adding to the emotion and spirit of the piece. Even the facial features of the horse construe sadness and emotion. The western sculpture is beautifully detailed and has an antique finish that adds to the intention of the design. A weighted base completes the sculpture and makes it easy to place on a bookshelf, tabletop or ledge. This meaningful sculpture is suitable for home or institutional use and is a breathtaking reminder of a particular part of America's history.
  1. 12" Wide x 14" Tall