(TN54229) "End of Trail" Western Sculpture Small

(TN54229) "End of Trail" Western Sculpture Small

SKU: TN54229

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"End of Trail" Western Sculpture Small

Our "End of Trail" Western sculpture in a small table/desktop size from Wild West Living will add a handsome focal point to your home or business. This is a reproduction in bronze electroplated resin of the celebrated "End of Trail" sculpture by American artist James Earle Fraser. The sculpture in a rich bronze and stand in a deeper brown create a collectible Western art sculpture that is 4 inches long and 6 1/2 inches tall.

The sculpture recreates the compelling scene of a weary Native American on horseback, his spear at this side, his medicine bag and hair swept by a strong wind at his back. The medicine bag and detailed muscles on the man's arms and legs were sculpted to capture the spirit and strength of the Native American peoples of the American West. 4" Long x 6-1/2" Tall