• Western Shadow Box Art

    The works of American artists Diane Whitehead and David Stoecklein are among the artworks celebrated with our Western shadow box art collection at Wild West Living. Framed panels and deep-set prints on canvas add depth to our shadow box art that captures the wild spirit and wild horses of the American West.
  • Western Art on Wood

    Wood is always found throughout a rustic or farmhouse themed home, whether it is in the form of furniture, decoration, or even utensils. It can be very functional and can be transformed in so many different ways. One big way you can incorporate wood into your home is through art. Western art on wood can be very common throughout a Western home and it can be incredibly unique.
  • Symbols of the Wild West

    When you think about the Wild West, a lot of different symbols come to mind. Symbols that can be seen throughout many Western movies, TV shows, books, and even towns. Some of these symbols are horseshoes, cowboy hats, stars, and crosses. There are many more common symbols of the Wild West and each one has its own meaning.
  • Western Art

    The Wild West is the inspiration to many artists, with its bold and beautiful colors. There are many different subjects that artists can choose from. Western art can bring a whole different side of the Wild West to your space, with bright and beautiful colors, intricate details, and various Western symbols. You will always be able to find just what you are looking for, even if you find numerous pieces. 
  • Western Art Décor

    Find the perfect piece of Western art to decorate your home. Whether it is small or large, you are sure to find the right piece of décor that your Western space is missing. The Wild West is the inspiration of many beautiful and unique pieces of art. They are not always paintings, sketches, or posters. Western art can consist of horseshoe art, painted skulls, and metal art. Discover all the artwork and determine just what your home is missing.